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HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional - 24" IPS LED-backlit LCD monitor w/ USB hub

$1,400 online
June 2008  HP  LED Backlit  24 inch  HDMI  DisplayPort  1920 x 1200
The HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display is the world's first color-critical LCD monitor that utilizes the DreamColor engine. This uniquely affordable monitor delivers broad color support, rich visual quality, and consistent results.

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Product features

  • Flexible positioning
    Be comfortable with adjustable tilt, swivel, height adjustment, and pivot rotation.
  • Easy-to-use OSD
    Quickly customize a range of user and color calibration settings with the completely redesigned onscreen display. New auto-fade backlit bezel buttons enable easy viewing in bright and dark work environments.
  • Vision-to-production precision
    Customize seven color space presets for luminance, gamma, gamut, and white point; achieve completely accurate rendition of sRGB, Adobe RGB, Rec. 601, Rec.709, and DCI-P3 (97%) at the touch of a button.
  • Enhanced connectivity
    Get connected to all your devices with analog, DVI-I, Display Port 1.1, HDMI 1.3, component, S-video, and composite inputs, HDCP support for protected content, and an integrated USB hub.
  • Breakthrough color control
    Achieve what you intended with unprecedented color fidelity through a tri-color LED backlight; work with deeper colors, CRT-class black, and programmable white all on a 24-inch diagonal wide-aspect screen.
  • Billion-color possibilities
    Enjoy support for over one billion active colors-64 times the colors supported by traditional LCDs-from the innovative 30-bit LCD panel technology


6 reviews
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1 star
    By Cauffe - May 24, 2014 -
    Pros: When it first came out it was hands down the best monitor in it's price range. NEC and EZIO did have some monitors that rivaled the DreamColor, but none of them have the selection of inputs. I mean, this monitor can connect to just about anything.

    Which is kind of why I bought it over the other two... jokes on me...

    Cons: Considering the quality of the image and the price of the monitor, there are a lot of things you are willing to forgive.

    The first thing I was willing to forgive was that the right hand buttons started going with in the first 6-8 months of buying. They stick, and currently one of them is completely dead after 2 years of ownership.

    Now my monitor is getting some read splotches and the colors are just terrible. But hey, I only paid 2,500 for it at the time when Sony was trying to sell the same stuff for 25,000... I can stand a high repair bill.. after two years of use.. right?


    There is no repair bill because these Jokers won't repair any of their monitors.

    This is COMPLETELY unforgivable and unprofessional. If you are out of warranty, no repair bills, no high shipping charges, nothing but being told to TAKE A HIKE SUCKER!!

    For much less of "investment grade" , "professional", monitors ( i.e. starting at $400-$500 dollars ) NEC, EZIO or LaCie ... or even the other mass-production corps like Sony, Dell, Samsung, Ause... have a repair service.. which I have used....

    You normally pay a $200-500 dollar repair fee ( which includes shipping ) and they have your PROFESSIONAL grade monitor back to you in under a week. Because your a professional, right? You make al living off this piece of equipment and you need it!

    No such service with HP. For them to say this is in any way a Professional Product and not just a Tech-Demo is preposterous.

    This is not a long-term investment monitor, this is not a reliable monitor, this is not a well supported monitor, and now at its age it is a over priced monitor. Steer away from this thing like the plague.

    This Monitor's price tag will run off all but the uber-rich and professional photographers / video editors / graphic designers.

    If you are in the latter group, stay away from this toy monitor. If your Uber-Rich, I'm sure HP would love to have you as a customer as their repair service is basically "go buy a new one llololoololol" Read full review

  • Great Monitor
    By Jeff F - July 9, 2013 -
    Pros: Ive been using this monitor for large amounts of photo editing for about a year, and it is by far the best one I've ever owned. The colors, contrast, and clarity are all spot on. Compared to the price points of the competitors, this thing is still the best bang for your buck youll find as a professional.

    I'm usually too lazy to switch over to my Gaming monitor for leisure use, but I will say thing thing holds up to strenuous gaming as well!

    Cons: As a professional panel this thing does generate some heat, nothing that would damage the panel. But like all high end electronics, its to be expected.

    HPs support for this monitor is almost NON-EXISTENT! I bought this monitor without a stand, and it took me 2 weeks to track down just the PART NUMBER for the correct stand. Then it took another month to order the stand from a HP distributor not even connected to the actual HP company. The HP website is absolutely useless.

    This is a superb product, and I'd buy one again if 4k Displays with 99-100% color-space weren't being released right now. Im going to use this thing until the day it falls apart and I have to order a new 4k display. Read full review

  • Great monitor for professionals
    By SeanP - March 31, 2012 -
    Pros: Amazing color when calibrated. Response time good enough for gaming. Holds up well after over a year of ownership.

    Cons: Super expensive. Don't buy this if you are not going to calibrate it and use it professional. Other reviewer's comment about black levels and brightness are accurate.

    I bought this for gaming because I wanted a color accurate LED screen. It works great but in retrospect if you do not have a professional purpose for this monitor, purchase something cheaper. I think I ordered this directly from HP at the time. Newegg has not always carried it. Read full review


Display TypeLED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix
Diagonal Size24"
Viewable Size24"
Built-in DevicesUSB hub
First Seen On Google ShoppingJune 2008