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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" Tablet - Wi-Fi - 16 GB - Metallic Gray

$306 online
June 2011  Samsung  Samsung Galaxy  Galaxy Tab  Android  16 GB  Wi-Fi Only  10.1 inch  1.2 pound  1280 x 800
The 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect ally in your quest to do everything faster, easier and better. Surf the Web at blistering speeds, multitask like a ninja or watch movies in superior HD resolution (1280 x 800). This lightweight, premium tablet comes with Android 3.1 ...

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Product features

  • Thinner and lighter
    Meet the Galaxy tabs, the world's thinnest mobile tablets, measuring just 8.6 mm.
  • Super fast
    1 GHz dual core application processor and HSPA+ network speeding up to 21 Mbps support your powerful multimedia and Web browsing experience.
  • The ultimate entertainment hub
    The Galaxy tab is pre-loaded with readers hub and music hub giving you instant access to more than 2.2 million books, 2,000 newspaper, 2,300 magazines, and 13 million songs. It features a 3-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera, providing smooth transition and flash playback for a rich entertainment experience.


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  • Ranked Fifth in Best Tablet
    By Expert - March 17, 2012 - Bestcovery
    The current full-size tablet market is saturated with various models running Android Honeycomb - all of which vie for consumer's dollars alongside the dominant iPad 2. Among these competitors, Samsung is a familiar name. The first Galaxy Tab was a popular alternative to the original iPad despite its smaller size and shortcomings. The Galaxy Tab... Read full review
  • Tab 10.1 full Review
    By Booty2Totes - November 14, 2011 -
    Pros: Realistic color
    Bright display
    Built-In Speakers

    I am reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this review is also written on the same Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I have had it for a little over a month now and have become very fond of it. It will never be a replacement for a PC however it tend to go to it more for small tasks, quicker actions and to play games. However it is not the type of device for while in school to write papers on and larger activities. There is also going to be compatibility issues while in school and for business. There is many things that can be done but there is still a limit. Physically the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is a great size. It can be compared similar to the iPad however the screen ratio is slightly different. Another great feature is the Samsung tab it mainly in landscape compared to most other tablets which as portrait. The SGT 10.1 is very thin and light making it easy to hold and carry around room to room or hotspots, work, friends, or the park. I currently have the WiFi version however i can easily tether it to my phone. The SGT 10.1 has two camera's one on the back with a led flash and one on the front for face chats. There is only two button the on/off and volume up and down, two speakers on the sides, and a port on the bottom used for charging, syncing and accessories. Currently the on accessory i own is the Samsung Docking Keyboard which other has said has lag but i have not realized it, but i am not the fastest at typing. However it is small and takes some getting used to. When you power it on sometimes it takes holding the power button down for a couple seconds and the first screen is the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 logo, the first time i got a big smile on my face. Then you will see the Samsung logo with the oval. Followed by the lock screen. As you place your figure over the lock on slide it out of the circle you are not entering technology heaven, the Google Android Honeycomb Operating system. when the main screen starts you will see a simple round clock, and a few basic preinstalled applications. And then the "tool bar" at the bottom. From left to right you start with the back button, self explained as well as the home button and the there is the multitask button. This allows you to switch between programs and screens. Then on the right side is your notifications, an digital clock, you WiFi status and battery life. However when Samsung released the touch wiz update next to the multitask button they put a screen capture button as well as in the middle a quick tools task bar that gives quick link to the task manager, calender, world clock, pen memo, calculator, and music player. If you tap on the right part of the "tool bar" you have a pop up menu that give the time, date, battery life, WiFi Network, then a quick launch to turn on and off your WiFi, Notifications, GPS, Sound, Auto rotation, Bluetooth, and flight mode. Just below that is the screen brightness, followed by a link to your settings. Your settings are very well laid out with the main subjects on the left of the screen and then break it down on the right side, very easy to navigate. Back to the home screen, on the top left you have a good search button and voice search, on the right is you link to apps and + sigh which takes you to the screen to customize your home screen which consist of 5 screens. This allows you to add widgets, shortcuts, wall paper and more. The SGT 10.1 comes with a browser which is great however some web sites do work properly, however that can be solved by downloading the Firefox App. Please do not forget to download adobe flash, to be able to view almost all the the internet and not have the same restrictions as you do on apple products such as the iPad. As you look through the system you will see Samsung apps and well and of course Google apps that are found on most Google android devices, we will get into actual apps at a later date. The Android honeycomb operating system is newer to the mobile world as is still being developed on in terms of market place, however... Read full review

  • At the top of the Android tablet choices
    By kgflyer - October 4, 2011 - Best Buy
    Pros: The sreen, battery life, size and weight. Can charge thru USB but slower than OEM outlet.

    Cons: Lack of interfaces, no USB, SD on HDMI. Price is higher than competition.

    I love my Galaxy Tab. I had the Toshiba Thrive and returned it, Good tablet but bulky and difficult to hold. I love the screen on the Samsung, probably the best in class, easily visible outdoors. The size and weight are also excellent along with battery life. The lack of interfaces is not really a big deal as I push and pull most data wirelessly anyway. It charges quick if you use the OEM charger. My friends have the ACER A500 , Toshiba Thrive and the Motorola Xoom which are all good choices for various reasons.The Tab was the most expensive of these options but I feel it was worth it for the size and screen alone. People immediately comment on the screen clarity which is noticeably better than the others. This is the closest one to the iPad in my opinion. Read full review


Product TypeTablet
Operating SystemAndroid 3.1 (Honeycomb)
Diagonal Size10.1"
First Seen On Google ShoppingJune 2011
Type10.1" TFT

Wikipedia page

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an Android-based tablet computer designed and manufactured by Samsung, introduced on 22 ...
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1