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Apple iPad mini - Wi-Fi - 16 GB - Black & Slate - 7.9"

$250 online
October 2012 · Apple · iPad Family · iPad mini · iPad mini (Original) · iOS · 7.9 inch · 1024 x 768 · 10 hour battery · 10.9 ounce
iPad mini makes one thing clear: its 7.9-inch display more than measures up to the complete iPad experience. View web pages in Safari. See where you are and what's around you using Maps. Flick through your photos and watch videos in vivid detail. And wave hello to the family on a ...

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Product features

  • Perfectly sized LED-backlit display
    iPad mini makes one thing clear: its 7.9-inch display more than measures up to the complete iPad experience. See where you are and what's around you using Maps. Flick through your photos and watch videos in vivid detail. And wave hello to the family on a FaceTime call. The iPad mini display uses the same LED backlight technology as iPad to give you plenty of pop per square inch.
  • Thin and light design
    iPad mini has everything that makes an iPad, but it's a fraction of the size. At just 7.2 millimeters, it's pencil thin and unbelievably light. You can easily hold it in your palm. And stash it in your smallest bag without a second thought, so it's always close at hand.
  • Powerful A5 chip
    iPad is known for its fast, fluid performance, and iPad mini doesn't disappoint. It features the powerful and power-efficient A5 chip, which makes everything you do feel smooth and natural. From the little things like switching from app to app and swiping from page to page, to the big things like editing photos, watching movies, and playing games.
  • Long hour battery life
    iPad mini wouldn't be an iPad without incredible battery life. Even with so much performance packed into such a small space, it still lasts long hour on a single charge. So you can read, watch, play, write, and create whatever you want, as long as you want.
  • Wave hello with FaceTime video calling
    With FaceTime built into iPad mini, you can make a video call over Wi-Fi or cellular. The front-facing FaceTime HD camera gives everyone a great view of you, while the iSight camera on the back lets you show others what you're seeing. So even when you're out and about, your friends and family are never out of the loop. You can hear every laugh and see every smile. And with the 7.9-inch display, you've got more than enough screen to take in the whole scene. You can also use the front-facing camera for taking self-portraits or recording 720p HD video.
  • Record HD video in full 1080p
    An impromptu performance on the subway, the winning shot at your daughter's soccer game, and an awesome 360-degree view from the top of the mountain - the iSight camera on iPad mini lets you capture all these unpredictable, beautiful, spectacular moments. In 1080p HD, no less. The spacious iPad mini display gives you a great view of whatever you're filming. And with automatic video stabilization, your recording is free of bumps and shakes. So your videos are instantly ready to share.
  • Shoot 5-megapixel still images
    The 5-megapixel iSight camera features a backside illumination sensor that captures great-looking pictures whether by sunlight or candlelight. When you shoot photos, the big, beautiful iPad mini display becomes a big, beautiful viewfinder - giving you plenty of room to compose your shot. Auto focus, tap to focus, and tap to set exposure functions mean every photo you take instantly becomes frame worthy. And with built-in face detection that automatically balances focus and exposure across up to 10 faces, there's more room for more grins.


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  • Apple iPad mini Review
    By ConsumerSearch - November 1, 2012 - ConsumerSearch
    Pros: Full access to iPad app selection, more portable than iPad, great build quality, excellent battery life

    Cons: Pedestrian performance and display, pricier than Android alternatives

    Bottom Line Apple's iPad mini delivers the full iPad experience in a more portable 7-inch form, complete with the stellar build quality and deep app selection Apple is known for. Reviewers say it's not perfect, however; a mediocre display and older processor aren't as powerful as the hardware found on Android tablets that cost much less. ...
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  • The perfect size, but at a price
    By Scott Stein - July 13, 2015 - CNET
    The Good: The iPad Mini's ultrathin and light design is far more intimate and booklike than the larger iPad, and its cameras, storage capacities, optional LTE antenna, and general functionality offer a full iPad experience. The screen's dimensions elegantly display larger-format magazines and apps.

    The Bad: The iPad Mini costs too much, especially considering the lower resolution of its 7.9-inch non-Retina Display. The A5 processor isn't as robust as the one in the fourth-gen iPad and iPhone 5. Typing on the smaller screen is not quite as comfy.

    The Bottom Line: If you want the full, polished Apple tablet experience in a smaller package, the iPad Mini is worth the premium price. Otherwise, good alternatives are available for less money.
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  • The same but smaller
    By Anonymous - February 23, 2013 - Tesco
    The build of the iPad mini screams "quality", even more so than the iPad (3) which we also have. It's very easy to hold and the design is immaculate with the screen filling more of the tablet (almost) edge to edge.

    I think that the viewing experience when using streaming apps (Netflix, sky go etc) does suffer with having to play on the smaller screen (compared to the iPad) but with the pixel ratio compressed in size, the detail is arguably marginally better again.

    The device is ideally sized for my wife and step daughter as they have smaller hands but to me it does seem like it has a more slippery feel so a good case to protect it is an absolute must.

    You know what you're getting with apple products and iOS specifically and it was that which was the main hook for the ladies in my house. I actually think its overpriced compared to other mini tablets on the market but that won't matter to those who already have iPhones etc and want to complete the apple experience. In fact, its only really the price that prevents this from being a 5 star review.

    *Edit 08/11/12*
    Now that I've used this for a more substantial period of time, I wanted to update the review to make it more useful and give a better idea of the iPad mini's strengths and weaknesses.

    - The aluminium chassis gives the iPad mini a premium feel straight from the box.
    - Light weight, comfortable and easy to hold. This makes it accessible, and useable, for every member of the family.
    - Handles multitasking and all apps without lag or problems (apps used include Netflix, Sky Go, Facebook, Twitter, Sky news/sports news, BBC iplayer)
    - As well as the 16gb (or 32/64) there is 5gb of cloud storage.
    - Easy to use, familiar and probably every app you can think of is available.

    - As I've stated in the main review, it feels slightly slippery in the hand. This is one downside of the aluminium case.
    - The other downside of the aluminium case is that it back cover does mark and scratch easily. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of also getting a quality case.
    - The battery does not last as long as the iPad 3. This is down to the capacity but due to the smaller screen and reduced processing power, we had expected it to be broadly similar to the larger version. It doesn't quite get to this standard and I would estimate that it lasts approximately a quarter of the time less.

    While writing the strengths and weaknesses I kept thinking about the price. For me I can't get away from that thought BUT if you can justify the price to yourself (based on the iOS interface and available apps) then I can fully understand the choice of the iPad mini over the nexus 7 or kindle fire HD (both of which are significantly cheaper).

    But the most important conideration is how it will link with the other technology in your life. I currently have an Andriod phone and it is frustrating not being able to link it with either the iPad or iPad mini. My main recommendation is that you chose a tablet with the same operating system as your phone to maximise the potential of the devices.
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Product TypeTablet
Operating SystemApple iOS 6
Diagonal Size7.9"
First Seen On Google ShoppingOctober 2012
Type7.9" IPS TFT - LED backlight

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The first-generation iPad Mini is a mini tablet computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It was ...
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