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Plantronics Voyager 855 - headset - Convertible, Binaural

November 2007  Plantronics  Headsets  Bluetooth  Cell Phone
Tune out the world, tune in full-spectrum stereo music and conveniently switch to calls on your music-enabled phone. Innovative stereo ear buds seal out noise and seal in sound, while AudioIQ two-way noise reduction technology digitally enhances sound quality on both sides of the ...

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  • Review: Plantronics Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
    By Niall Magennis - December 11, 2011 - TrustedReviews
    We wish the noise-cancelling technology was a bit better, but on the whole the Voyager 855 is a classy dual function headset with good all round performance. If you want a single headset for taking calls and listening to music, it's one of the best options around at the moment. The Voyager 855 stands out from the crowd for two main reasons. First, unlike most standard models it can operate both as a standalone traditional mono headset and also as a pair of wireless stereo headphones when its secondary earpiece is attached. Second, it has a boom mic that you slide out from the main body of the headset to pull it closer to your mouth when you're taking a call. /b44362|d001_10960-voyager855img1.jpg Design-wise, Plantronics has taken a very different approach to that of the Bluetrek Duo Stereo headset that we reviewed. To use the Bluetrek device in stereo mode, you had to attach a completely separate pair of headphones with the main headset then being reduced to the role of a simple Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. However, with the 855, switching from mono to stereo operation is simply a matter of connecting an extra earpiece via a short cable to a special socket on the inside edge of the main headset. It's still a two part solution, but we think it's a much neater and less fiddly design. Without the extra earpiece attached there's little to tell the Voyager 855 apart from most standard mono headsets as it has a fairly standard matt black finish with some silver trim around the edges. Thankfully it's relatively light at 11g so you don't feel like you've got a dumbbell hanging from your lug-hole when you're wearing. And measuring approximately 1.6 x 1.3 x 5.7cm it's also quite narrow and slim, but when the boom mic is pulled out this does add around 2cm to its overall length. /3ad275|b21b_10960-voyager855img2.jpg The boom mic part actually forms the majority of the body of the headset. Plantronics has added a couple of plastic grips to the side of it to help when you're opening and closing it, but to be honest, the sliding action is so smooth that a little pull or tug on any part of the boom is enough to get it to open. The only small problem with the sliding design is that you can sometimes slightly dislodge the 855 from your ear when you operate it. The 855 comes with three ear bud gels (small, medium and large) for both the headset and the extra stereo earpiece so you shouldn't have any problems getting it to sit comfortably in your ear. However, all of these gels are designed to be used in combination with the headset's ear hook so none of them are strong enough to hold the headset in place by themselves. /2480e7|f9b4_10960-voyager855img4.jpg Paring the headset with your phone is easy as the 855 includes Plantronics quick pairing technology. All this means is that the first time you turn it on it automatically enters pairing mode. So to get it working with your handset all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your phone, do a search for a new device and enter the standard 0000 passcode. The headset also supports multipoint so it can be paired and active with more than one device at any one time. For example, it could be paired with your laptop to listen to music and your phone ready to take incoming calls. Read full review
  • great clarity in sound
    By Anonymous - March 15, 2012 -
    I have not noticed any breaks, interference, etc caused by the headset. At one point, yesterday, I thought that I was losing the signal occasionally, but I wasn t. The Walkman s controls are fairly sensitive. Either my massive chest (ha!) or more likely, my heavy jacket was pressing the controls on the Walkman. I suspected this after I had forgotten to put the MP3 player in my pocket. I walked about 30 ft away from the car and started losing the signal. Read full review


Product TypeHeadset - Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Weight0.5 oz
Recommended UseCellular phone
Additional FeaturesAnswer/end button, volume control, track select buttons, play/pause button, QuickPair
First Seen On Google ShoppingNovember 2007