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FV TouchCam N1 Webcam - USB 2.0

$80 online
December 2010  High Definition  Wired  PC  Autofocus
FV TouchCam N1, a HD VideoCam with embedded H.264 encoder chip and dual microphones supporting beamforming technology, offers synchronized, crystal clear HD video and superior audio quality. Now Skype users can enjoy HD-quality video calling by using FV TouchCam N1. It helps you ...

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N&T Electronics Free shipping, No tax $80.00 $80.00

Product features

  • HD 720p video calls
    You can do HD 720p video calls with your friends, family or business partners.
  • H.264
    Adaptive H.264 encoder for superb video experience.
  • Auto focus
    Images stay sharp, even in close-ups (up to 10 cm from the camera lens) with built-in autofocus.
  • Dual microphones
    Unidirectional dual microphones support beamforming technique for superb audio.
  • Wide angle lens
    Wide angle lens with 78 degree.
  • USB interface
    True Plug and Play experience.


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  • Very good, but read on...
    By Patrick Lynch - December 31, 2010 - Shopping
    This FaceVsion N1 camera is a keeper. THE GOOD: My contacts report that it sends very clear video and great sound. The automatic adjustment for low light works well. The auto-focus is fast and accurate. It discovered and uploaded a firmware update without a hitch. I have used it on a Windows7 desktop and a WindowsXP netbook (which I feared would be underpowered for the video) and it works fine on both machines. It sits on top of monitors better than several other webcams I ve tried (some didn t stay put there at all) and I like its physical design -- rectangular and symmetrical -- in a businesslike black and silver package. NOW, SOME NEGATIVE POINTS: The included cable is too short if you use a tower computer that sits on the floor -- I had read about this and so I ordered a five foot USB extension cable along with the camera. Works fine. ALSO -- since I bought this camera to use with Skype, I notice that it works great with only some versions of Skype, not at all with others. At least this is true on my Windows7 desktop. For example, for me, it works with Skype version but not with Maybe a new firmware update will solve this. This need for syncronizing the camera s firmware version with the Skype version probably is a tradeoff for the advantage we get from having so much processing done by the camera (relieving the computer of the workload). All told...I m happy with this camera and recommend it to everyone. Read full review
  • Best webcam available
    By A customer - November 30, 2010 - Shopping
    We bought 4 of these. We have been using the newest Logitech cameras for 4 years on Skype, upgrading each time a new camera came out. This time we chose the FaceVsion N1 over the Logitech C910 to get away from the Logitech software, which put an unnecessary drain on the video, and to switch to the new H.264 codec for HD data transmission. The FaceVsion N1 is truly plug-and-play. There is no camera software to download. The onboard chip immediately takes over. Upload speeds of about 1.2+Mbs are required for HD, but video quality is better than other cameras, even on slower internet connections and slower computers. We have used it with good results on cell phone low bandwidth networks. We have only one complaint about the FaceVsion N1: There is no way that the cord will comfortably reach from a camera on top of the monitor to a tower on the floor. My tower is in a straight line below the monitor. The cord just barely reaches the tower, but not without stressing the plug. If you have this setup you ll have to buy a USB extension cable. The Logitech cameras all had cables that were at least a foot longer. However, unlike Logitech cameras, the FaceVsion N1 has a plug at the camera end of the wire. This makes it much easier to restart the camera by simply unplugging the wire from the camera and reinserting it. Currently, the FaceVsion N1 is the only HD camera that is Skype certified. Read full review
  • It just works
    By A customer - December 31, 2010 - Shopping
    I just plugged it in and it worked. No fuss or loading drivers. The quality of the picture was great as well. I will buy another one of these cameras. Read full review


Device TypeWeb camera
Audio SupportYes : beam-forming dual microphones
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Width3.9 in
First Seen On Google ShoppingDecember 2010