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Canon Lens - 50 mm - F/1.8 - Canon EF

$105 online
July 2002  Canon  Normal  Canon EF  Prime  f/1.8  Autofocus
Canon offers the lightest EF lens of all at a mere 4.6 oz. (130g). It is a compact and high-performance, standard lens. Its Gaussian optics provides sharp delineation from near to far focusing distances. The color balance is excellent for a standard lens.

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932 reviews
  • At first glance pictures were like "WOW"
    By Ladylove4ever - November 25, 2013 - Best Buy
    Pros: The prime lens gives excellent sharpness to my photos

    Cons: the plastic, loud body on this lense.

    I just bought my first DSLR camera in July. I have always loved taking photographs of people and during my travels. I think I have a great eye and wanted to get more out of my photos with a better camera. (and lenses) as I read this lens was a must for those who shoot lots of portraits as I do. At the price and some discounts I got it at a great steal. This prime lens gives the best clarity I've seen of any of the photos ive taken, however I am a beginner. I was astonished at the results almost immediately after taking a couple of shots of my son. His eyes were bright and skin glowing. It was much more clear verses the two kit lenses (18-55) and 75-300) I received with the camera by a long shot. THe only issue I have is that it is so slow. I think my point and shoot cameras are so much faster than my dslr altogether but this lens is even slower than the kit lenses. which when shooting a moving baby, is kinda sad. The focusing is slow and SO LOUD it sounds like it is breaking. I am glad that I put it on my Best buy card so if I loose the receipt I can still get a refund if it breaks prematurely. Overall I highly recommend this lens for the inexpensive price tag and great quality photos despite some setbacks. But if I could have found the IS model in the store I may have bought that instead. But the low F Stop was my main reason for purchasing as well. Gives great background blur and that sharpness that far surpassed my expectations. Read full review

  • Great value
    By MXPalau - July 8, 2013 - Best Buy
    Pros: Sharp images

    Cons: Build quality, loudness

    Picked up this lens after I read many reviews about it. All the reviews are true. This lens takes awesome photos. Very sharp images. For the price, you can't get anything better. But what this lens gains in image quality and sharpness, it lacks everywhere else. The whole thing is plastic, including the mount. The focus ring seems very loose. And the autofocus motor is very loud. So it might not be so good for video use. But if you don't care about those things a want a sharp image taker on the cheap, then this is your best bet. Read full review

  • Best lens for the money!
    By Mike328 - May 31, 2014 - Best Buy
    Pros: Affordable, great image quality

    Cons: Small focus ring

    This is a lens that just cannot be matched for the price. I have this on my 5DMKII and I love it. Some say the plastic construction feels cheap, but it really is a non issue. All of my other lenses are L series lenses and I don't feel like there is any quality issues with the plastic body. I bought it for a trip I was going on because I didn't want to lug around my 24-70 2.8L and it was such a great investment. You won't be disappointed. Size, weight, image quality are all on point. I think the only gripe (small one) would be the small focusing ring. Sometimes there is a need to focus manually, and the ring is way smaller than what I'm used to with my L lenses. I can't say anything else is an issue, and this little detail is only me nit picking. If you want a great lens for the money, you won't regret this purchase. Read full review


Length1.6 in
Diameter2.7 in
Weight4.6 oz
First Seen On Google ShoppingJuly 2002

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Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : EF 50mm f/1.8 II