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Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid tower - No power supply

$90 online
front: 4-bay  internal: 6-bay
The 400R has been carefully designed to provide a generous amount of internal volume, and it puts that volume to good use. There's room for eight PCI-E cards, and even room for a full 240 mm radiator. Superior airflow is a requirement for high-performance components that will be ...

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Product features

  • Built for builders
    The Carbide Series is acclaimed for its ease of use and performance-oriented engineering, and this philosophy is abundant in the design of the Carbide Series.
  • Future-ready
    Support for USB 3.0 and 2.5" SSDs is built-in. Two USB 3.0 connectors are provided on the front panel and connect directly to motherboards with compatible USB 3.0 headers. Integrated SSD support lets you install 2.5" solid-state drives in any of the hard drive bays, without having to deal with adapters.
  • Easy access
    Thumb screws on the side panels and tool-free drive installation mean that you'll spend less quality time with your screwdriver, and the integrated dust filters can be quickly removed for easy maintenance.
  • Looking good, inside and out
    Corsair's cable management system provides a straightforward way to route cables behind the motherboard, not across it where it can interfere with airflow and give your system a cluttered look. And since looks are an important part of any build, you'll appreciate the ability to turn the front panel fan LEDs on or off with the push of a button.


380 reviews
  • Review: Corsair Carbide 400R
    By Matthew Hanson - September 20, 2011 - TechRadar UK
    Including features normally associated with expensive chassis on sub-150 cases is Corsair's goal with the Carbide series. The newly launched Corsair Carbide 400R is the little brother of the more expensive Corsair Carbide 500R, released at the same time.

    Although Corsair is a company usually associated with memory and PSUs, since branching out to PC cases it had built a solid reputation one it hopes to build upon with the Corsair Carbide 400R.

    This mid-sized tower is aimed at PC enthusiasts who are keen on installing the best hardware money can buy, but is priced at an affordable level, unlike the more expensive Corsair Obsidian 700D chassis.

    Price is the big selling point of the Carbide 400R, and Corsair promises a lot for just 80. But does the company deliver on its promises, or have too many corners been cut when designing the Corsair Carbide 400R in pursuit of an attractive price point?

    Unlike some of its more ostentatious rivals, the Corsair Carbide 400R sports a relatively straight-laced design. Next to more expensive models it might look rather plain, but there are options to 'pimp out' the chassis if understated isn't your style, such as a lighting toggle switch at the top of the case for lighting kits.

    But what's really important is what's inside the case or, we should say, what can be inside the case.

    As we mentioned earlier, the Corsair Carbide 400R is aimed primarily at enthusiasts who want to build and upgrade their own PC.

    As soon as we opened the case using the thumb screws no tools are needed to open the Corsair Carbide 400R it was clear that Corsair is serious about attracting PC builders and enthusiasts with this case. There's plenty of space inside the case for building a PC. Read full review

  • Awesome!
    By ceppy - October 3, 2012 -
    Pros: This case is great for under 100 dollars. Yeah, it may not have a flashy side window, but the positives of this case far out-weighs that one negative. The drive bays are awesome. Just click in your hard drives with no screws. (They do include hd screws for SSD's). If you don't have 6 hard drives like me, you can take out the top trays for air flow onto your video card. Comes with 3 fans. 2 140mm white in the front, and one 120mm black in the back. The white LED's are controlled by a switch on the front of the case. There is a possibility to have up to 8+ fans in this system! The rubber grommets are a nice touch for absorbing vibration from loud fans as well. The space is very adequate inside the case to fit the largest of video cards as well.

    Then real gem here is the cable management. There are 3 holes in the case that allows for cables to be run behind the chassis. the side panel bulges out for cables to be hidden in that area. My case is very wire free in the inside due to this, which in turn creates better airflow. Temps are great with this case.

    Dust filters on the bottom, front, and top are excellent and easy to clean.

    Optical drives snap in without screws as well in the 5.25 bays.

    All in all, this case is great for the price point! I highly recommend!

    Cons: I have a non-modular power supply with alot of extra cables. Matter-of-fact it is a Corsair 750 SW power supply. It was really tough to hide the PSU cables behind the chassis and still close the side panel. It took a while, but I finally got it all straightened out. I would have liked that hour of my life back though. It shouldn't be an issue with someone that has a modular PSU though since they can choose which cables to have on the PSU and which to not have.

    I should have got the 500r. I bought this and one day after the 500r went on sale to around 109. I decided not to call and just see how I liked this one. I am not disappointed. Read full review

  • Great Case
    By MediaPC - October 3, 2012 -
    Pros: This case is a decent sized case, with very good airflow, and space. Had two MSI 7970s with plenty of room to spare. This case can take above 10-fans and easily handle the Corsair H100/80/70/60s without issue. This case offers amazing cooling. Excellent cable management system.

    Cons: Price is a bit steep. Would like to remove the hard-drive tray to remove airflow restrictions. Read full review


Form FactorMid tower
Max Mainboard SizeATX
Supported MotherboardsATX, microATX
Specification ComplianceATX

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