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Lamptron 832-100-11 Fanatic 5-Channel Fan Controller, 60W per Channel, Black Bezel with Blue LED

$35 online
Easy to use High/Low/Off military style flip switch Red, Blue or No LED to control fan speed. 3-pin fan & Molex 4-pin power connectors. Fits standard 5.25 in. drive bay. Dimension - 3.03 x 5.85 x 1.67 in.

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  • awesome fan controller
    By Anonymous - December 2, 2013 -
    Pros: sturdy metal construction. Good finish. solid switches. Relatively easy to install.

    Cons: no medium setting for fans. cheap packaging. No instructions included with packaging (it's not rocket science, though).

    It's definitely a quality product for the price. Read full review

  • The best fan controller I've ever encountered.
    By Anonymous - November 19, 2013 -
    Pros: The best build quality I've encountered in a fan controller.

    Perfectly machined aluminum with flawless anodizing, and a beautifully made PCB (no sloppy solder or rough edges). The switches are solid, and the LEDs brilliant without being annoyingly bright. Includes two sets of hardware; one set of phillips head machine screws, and one set of hex head machine screws - this allows you to choose your preference. It also includes five 12" fan extensions with quality black connectors and black sleeves (easily a $10+ value), and a 6" Molex 4-pin extension cable.

    I have to stress this, before you read the "cons" section, I have not found a single fan controller that matches the quality of this unit, other than the Laptron "Hummer" which is very similar in design and almost as nice.

    Cons: This is nit picking really, but it's worthy of mention.

    The biggest issue I have with this unit is that it leaves a small (1/4") gap above the bay where it's installed in my Corsair Vengeance C70 mid-tower case. The face has rounded edges which leave a small gap at each corner, too. Most people don't notice it until I tell them, but I know it's there draws my eye right to it every time.

    My second concern was the poor quality of the included Molex 4-pin extension cable. What a piece of junk! After seeing the nice fan extensions, I assumed it would be of similar quality, and was truly disappointed. The contacts in the connectors were misshapen and installed cockeyed. The male connector was so out of spec that it would have taken a mallet to install it in the fan controller slot, and the female connector was ever so slightly off, making it difficult to insert the lead from the motherboard. Needless to say I did not use it.

    Again, fantastic product. I selected this model after looking at at two dozen different models in person (potentiometer style, touchscreen style, etc) and this was by and far the best quality of construction.

    I use this unit to power several fans; a 120mm high static pressure push/pull system on my hardrive cage, two 140mm intake fans on the side of my case, and a 120mm intake of the front of my case. This system appeals to me as they all run quietly on "low" power settings, but move a lot of air on "high" settings when I'm gaming.

    Believe me, these switches and this casing will outlive any plastic shell, touch screen or potentiometer on another model. Read full review

  • Greet fan controller
    By Xclash - November 13, 2013 -
    I am using this product with the Corsair 350D case and I was only able to screw it on one side. The other side of the 5 1/4" bay blocks where the screw would be due to the tool-less mechanism. Not a major deal but I would like to point that out. Read full review


Part Numbers832-100-11, FC-FANATIC-B