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Able Planet Clear Harmony - headphones - Full size, Binaural

$80 online
   September 2007   Ear Cup   Headband   Wired   Noise Canceling   With Volume Control

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  • Able Planet NC1000CH Clear Harmony Review
    By Donald Bell - March 29, 2007 - CNET
    Pros: The Clear Harmony active noise-canceling headphones offer dramatic noise reduction and a rich listening experience.

    Cons: The Clear Harmony is an expensive product, and Able Planet has yet to establish a reputation on high-end audio turf.

    Bottom Line: The Clear Harmony holds its own against the competition. But without a price incentive, few users will risk choosing an unknown brand over an established one.

    Able Planet's Clear Harmony active noise-canceling headphones aim to compete with the well-known and expensive Bose Quiet Comfort series. The Clear Harmony headphones improve upon some of the design flaws of the Quiet Comfort (such as the inability to listen to music after the batteries have died), but the product is still pricey at just under $300.

    As a competitor to a well-established luxury product (the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 and Quiet Comfort 3), Able Planet's Clear Harmony headphones have an equally luxurious quality. At a distance, the Able Planet Clear Harmony headphones easily could be mistaken for the Bose Quiet Comfort 2. The soft, padded black leather on the headband and the earcups feels comfortable and hugs the head with an easy pressure. The cups fold down flat for storage, and the removable 5-foot cable lets you easily swap in a replacement or use the headphones strictly for shutting out noise. The included carrying case comes with a 0.25-inch jack and two-prong airplan ... Read full review

  • Quality Headphones
    By luv4electronics - April 4, 2009 - Dell
    Pros: These are some beautiful and very luxurios headphones. These are great for traveling as they cancel most of the noise around you and all you hear is the precise clarity of the music that these cans produce. They are great in any environment. It doesn't require the battery to produce sound, and it has a light weight in-line volume control.
    The Linx technology is the best as you don't have to blast these headphones to hear the sound. They sound louder than it seems as it protects your hearing. They are awesome!

    Cons: Cost of course, but you do get what you pay for in this situation. They are high-end headphones.

    I bought an extra pair for my wife when I got these. I was cosidering Bose QC2, but the realized I would be paying for the name. With these I am getting great looking headphones w/ sound quality and they protect my hearing. Read full review

  • better than bose
    By mpope - November 17, 2009 - Best Buy
    Pros: sound quality, noise canceling, 2007 consumer electronics award

    Cons: price, comfort

    i got these about 2yrs ago for x-mas. thse are great headphones. they have amazing sound with nice bass but not too much like beats by dre. they come with a hard case that includes multiple connectors and a place to keep your ipod. i took these on the plane to germany and have no complaints at all. the noise canceling works good but at first it feel a little wierd. it kind of suctions onto your ears when turned on. 1 negative, they start to hurt the top of my head after having them on after a while. there is not alot of cusion on the top. they are still comfortable with glasses on and can be used with hearing aids. these are better than bose in my opinion. Read full review


Product TypeHeadphones
Recommended UsePC multimedia, home audio system, portable audio system, digital player
Additional FeaturesVolume control, LINX Audio
First Seen On Google ShoppingSeptember 2007
Headphones Form FactorFull size