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Corsair XMS3 - DIMM 240-pin

$90 online
May 2010 · Corsair · DDR3 · 8 GB · 1,333 MHz · Unbuffered · 240-pin · With Heat Spreader
Corsair's mainstream memory solution for the AMD Phenom II or Intel Core i3, i5 and Core i7 dual channel memory processors and platform. The XMS3 family is Corsair's mainstream line of performance DDR3 memory. These modules allow users to experience outstanding memory performance ...

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Sellers Seller Rating Details Base Price Total Price (91,921) Free shipping, No tax $89.99 $89.99 (29,808) No tax $89.99 +$7.32 shipping $97.31
Walmart - Tiger Direct No rating $89.99 +$5.40 tax and $4.18 shipping $99.57 No rating No tax $115.52 +$5.95 shipping $121.47 (20,292) Free shipping, No tax $96.24 $96.24
eBay - great-deals-nyc No rating No tax $138.98 +$5.00 shipping $143.98 (528) Free shipping, No tax $117.00 $117.00
eBay - tigerdirect No rating No tax $89.99 +$4.18 shipping $94.17 (96) Free shipping, No tax $99.89 $99.89
Walmart - ToolKing No rating Free shipping $125.26 +$7.52 tax $132.78


335 reviews
  • This set was...
    By Anonymous - June 11, 2014 -
    Pros: Worked out of box with no glitches. Motherboard recognized it immediately.

    Cons: None.

    This set was on the approved list and configuration for my motherboard. The previous 8 gig configuration I had wasnt on the approved list and I got frequent system lockups. Read full review

  • I highly rec...
    By Anonymous - May 5, 2014 -
    Pros: Works, unbuffered ram that matches my other one. My replacement worked great.

    Bundle ram is usually cheaper than single stick rams so if you need it, I would recommend getting it bundled.

    Cons: First one I order had a bad stick of ram that kept crashing my computer and after running a memory check it said it failed. It said around 8mb of the ram was bad causing it to fail every test on the stick of ram.

    Somewhat more expensive compared to other sticks of ram.

    I highly recommend doing a memory test such as memory86+ or something before loading your operating system.

    I wonder if I'll get the rebate as well. Read full review

  • Still disappointed...and now done
    By Anonymous - March 8, 2014 -
    Pros: Corsair did replace them...sort of... see other thoughts.

    Cons: Poor warranty service

    This is an update to my 2/15/14 review. I did RMA the two sticks to Corsair. It took 3 plus weeks to get them back. Per the tracking number I had they were shipped from Taiwan. Corsair did not send me a new “kit”, which is what I originally paid for; instead they sent me two individual sticks. The timing’s are the same and they have been working for a few days now with no BSOD’s. The most annoying thing is they sent me two sticks that must have been “reconditioned”…all of my various monitoring and diagnostic “tools” show them having a date code of 2010!! Really??? I guess technically that is all they are obligated to do under the terms of the warranty….BUT I expected better from Corsair. My builds from here forward will be done with G.Skill or Crucial!! Read full review


Capacity8 GB : 2 x 4 GB
Upgrade TypeGeneric
First Seen On Google ShoppingMay 2010
TechnologyDDR3 SDRAM