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Sonic Adventure 2 [Dreamcast Game]

$44 online
Sega Studios · Dreamcast · Adventure · Action · Everyone · Disc
The hunt for the Chaos Emeralds is on and battle lines have been drawn between Hero and Dark. Experience two unique adventures featuring both long-time heroes and new and returning villains as they battle for the fate of the world! Sonic Adventure 2 features with a full cast of ...

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  • By Joshua - December 22, 2014 - Lukie Games
    Item came on time and in great condition. Probably one of the best 3D Sonic titles on any system, even though the camera is quite annoying, as are some of the controls. Read full review
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Review
    By knuckles - July 1, 2003 -
    As I said earlier, "Sonic Adventure 2" is definitely a must-have Sonic game! It's right up there with "Sonic 3 & Knuckles", "Sonic CD", and the original "Sonic Adventure". Shadow is an awesome new character (I think I like him even better than Sonic)! And the game's ending is pretty intense! Even though SA2 was remade for the Gamecube, I would still suggest you buy the Dreamcast version anyway (and it's cheaper)! Read full review
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Review
    By HyperKnux2000 - December 30, 2001 -
    This is one of THE BEST games I've seen for the Sega Dreamcast. I would seriously recommend playing this game if you have (or know someone who has) a Dreamcast. I've had it for about seven months now, and I still have fun with it! Keep dishin' 'em out, Yuji Naka; I could sure go for Sonic Adventure 3 right about now... Read full review


GenreGames - action
CompatibilitySega Dreamcast
Game PublisherSega
Game DeveloperSonic Team USA
Release Date19 June 2001