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Rockin Green Ammonia Bouncer, HE, Funk Rock - 16 oz

$15 online
All natural Ammonia Bouncer. Got funk? Stinkies? Ammonia? Diapers make your eyes water? Funk rock to the rescue! SLS free. Phosphate free. Soap free. Enzyme free. 30 loads of ammonia busting power. Recycle me! Made in the USA.

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buybuyBABY seller rating $14.99 +$1.26 tax and $5.99 shipping $22.24
Bed Bath & Beyond seller rating $14.99 +$0.90 tax and $5.99 shipping $21.88
ClothDiaper.Com No rating No tax $14.95 +$13.87 shipping $28.82
Pure and Simple Baby (46) No tax $16.99 +$3.95 shipping $20.94
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BabyEarth (631) No tax $16.95 +$7.95 shipping $24.90
eBay - houseofessentials No rating Free shipping, No tax $20.49 $20.49
A Much Better Way No rating No tax $14.95 +$5.00 shipping $19.95
Knees N Toes (33) Free shipping, No tax $17.98 $17.98
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  • Wish I had Found This Sooner
    By kesrya - November 12, 2015 - Bed Bath & Beyond
    We are on our second completely cloth diapered baby, and I wish I had found this product for our first child. It completely removes the ammonia from cloth diapers so that we are still using the same cloth diapers that my older son used for 4 years with no odor! My eldest cat is having kidney problems and sometimes pees on our clothes, and it even completely removes the cat urine smell. Read full review
  • So fresh n so clean
    By leoandlemon - November 4, 2014 - Buy Buy Baby
    Easy to use AND beats the funk out of our microfiber AIO diapers. I definitely recommend this product for cloth diaper users. Read full review


Units in Package1
Unit Size16 oz
DirectionsHow to De-Funk Your Diapers: 1. Throw everything in the washer, sink, tub, or bucket. 2. Add 4 tbsp of Funk Rock with hot or warm water. 3. Let soak for 30-60 minutes. 4. Rinse, and wash as usual using detergent. Keep the good times rolling by adding one tablespoon of Funk Rock to your pre-rinse every load! Note: For best results, do an overnight soak in detergent before your Funk Rock treatment.
WarningsPlease take great care to keep Rockin' Green away from pets and kids. In case of ingestion, contact Poison Control or seek medical attention immediately. Take care to avoid contact with eyes and flush immediately, and seek medical attention if irritation persists.
Part Number11-1115-01