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Shipping & DeliveryReturns
0-3 days
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greater than 98%
on-time delivery
greater than 90%
accurate & undamaged orders
greater than 14 days
returns processing
365 day
return policy for most items - Details
ease of returns
Customer Service
3-6 hours
e-mail support response time
2 to 3 minutes
phone support response time
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
55,536 reviews in the past 12 months

Highlighted reviews

20,000+ reviews from Google Trusted Stores

  1. First part showed up damaged. Talked with Customer service online, sent an email and pictures. Replacement shipped out next day. Small inconvenience but they made it right and about as easy as possible. Will definitely do business again.
    Written on October 23, 2016
  2. Quick and easy purchasing. Their web site for some of the parts has a video of how to install them. This was very helpful since one of the parts I installed had to come out and go in, in a specific sequence and it would have taken me a lot of guessing to figure this out. The video made it easy.
    Written on October 19, 2016
  3. They provided a clear instructional video on replacing a part. The part was ordered and it arrived two days later. Followed video instructions and part was a breeze to replace. Total time was less than 30 minutes including power up and test diagnostic. Machine worked like a charm. Would do it again in a NY minute!
    Written on October 23, 2016
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30,000+ reviews from Bizrate

  1. parts availability and diagrams great, but would be very usefull to have legend along with diagram. I had to put in serveral part descriptions to find part that looked like part in the diagram. but appreciate that diagrams are easy to navigate! thanks
    Written on October 15, 2016
  2. Not only did my part get here on time, it got here 1 day earlier than the fastest delivery method said it would. I ordered one day before 3pm, my part arrived the NEXT DAY! Go figure. Best service I have ever recieved on a buy a part through internet service.
    Written on October 14, 2016
  3. I love that you have chat available late on Saturday evening (when I needed help) and you have better shipping options that anyone i've seen. Plus, you have really good descriptions within your shipping area about "hazardous materials" and shipping issues. Good work.
    Written on October 15, 2016
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2,000+ reviews from by Answers

  1. I was lucky enough to have a purely mechanical problem, a failed manual door latch assembly. Found the exact replacement part - thanks for the photo - was only $15, plus $10 for overnight shipping, $25 and the dishwasher was back in operation the next day.
    Written by estenstrom1 on October 17, 2016
  2. The part was exactly what we needed it came within two days. The pictures on the web site are very important to us to help us to know we are looking at the correct part. We shop for part a lot and you site is my go to spot. Also the videos are extremely helpful thank you
    Written by teresaclevenger1 on October 12, 2016
  3. Installation was not as described, but was able to figure it out and it works fine. Saved me $90 in a service call. Would use you again, but suggest to all to watch the video first and decide if this project is something you are comfortable with and confidant with your skill level.
    Written by seawinds1 on October 12, 2016
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