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  1. I signed up for a free trial which continued into a paid membership - It was my own fault that I forgot to cancel within the trial period and it's a well known (but still suspicable bussiness model), so no hard feelings there. When I was charged for the monthly fee, I became aware of the situation and went to to cancel my membership. In the process the website goes through 4 (four!) identical stages asking "are you really sure you want to cancel?". The 'Cancel' button is hidden below a wall of advertisement and both color coding and text at the buttons is misleading in an attempt to lure the user not to cancel the membership. The product in it self is ok - but the lousy and untrustworthy user interface tells a story of a company who doesn't believe in the strength of it's own product and therefore succumbs to a lousy and fraudulent web site design.
    Written by Anders Frey Ahrentzen on May 8, 2014
  2. Audible is a great service to use during a long commute in public transit.
    Written by Alex Langowski on October 31, 2013
  3. I sometimes do independent contractor jobs and I drive all over. I like to keep my brain stimulated so i don't get tired. I had been buying books on CD, but after last Christmas when I got an I pod as a gift, its opened up a whole new world. I started out with a free trial download and then I got hooked. I have learned so much from the books I have downloaded from audible. I can't believe how easy it is too. I'm by no means a computer guy, I just learned to check e mail like 10 years after everyone else has, but it's a piece of cake. Not too expensive either.
    Written by Ben Gole on November 9, 2013
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