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110 reviews in the past 12 months

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100+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. Was told I would recieve a refund of £162 for a cancellation on a flight. Spent 15 minutes on the phone to them after they explained how if I cancelled over the phone it would be a £30 deduction, if I did it online it would only be £15 deduction. Wasn't too bothered about the cancellation cost so advised I'm happy to cancel over the phone. I was told the refund of £162 would be refunded after 5 days. Got to 2 weeks still no refund! Called them up and was told I WOULDNT be getting anything refunded back and it was a mistake! Argued this wasn't fair and I expect a call back from management and some kind of good will gesture but SHOCK I heard Nothing at all! Never ever again would I use British airways. Stay away- they are lie and expect you to leave it!
    Written by Sophie on July 9, 2016
  2. I was on a flight from Athens to London with my family. First my seat was dirty with some sticky substance. I told the air steward who cleaned it. Later I discovered the tray shelf was filthy with crumbs. I asked another air hostess to clean. She told me the cleaner has left and it's not her job to clean! She was rude, sarcastic and patronizing.
    Written by Jo on May 24, 2016
  3. I'm happy to fly Budget Airlines, but when I book through and pay for (345 Euros 1 way barcelona-london) British Airway I expect a BA flight or Equivalent Airline ( Not a budget carrier Vueling!!). Very poor BA, diminishing the brand and the Company, cheating your customers all for short term gains. The new CEO will make savings, pay himself Squillions and then leave BA a mess. Beware when Booking BRITISH AIRWAYS you are now booking a BUDGET AIRLINE.
    Written by Jake O'Neill on June 28, 2016
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1+ reviews from

  1. I had an issue that needed to be sorted phone my agent they were closed and said to contact the airline directly, so I did that. Spoke to a Indian named Naveen who said to have done and processed something. Phoned the next day as hadn't received boarding pass they confirmed he had cancelled us off all of our flights but the manager kept contradicting herself by saying he had processed what had been said but then saying he didn't do anything on the system and I need to go back to my agent to sort it out baring in mind this is one hour before flying from Athens and I was in the UK after 4 hours of being on hold and talking to the manager I did what she asked and went to my agent, they confirmed because BA had made amendments there was nothing they could do. Called the manager back out wait 13.50pm in the afternoon she had gone home so couldn't discuss this anymore and asked to speak to someone British as I kept having to repeat myself, ended up in me spending 900 on top of my flights! ...
    Written on April 19, 2016
  2. Bought a business class ticket, was downgraded to economy because of flight delays..on my way back was downgraded to economy again I guess an error happened by the booking agent originally on the return flight..filed a complaint and asked for a refund after the trip has been completed..customer service agent said I have to wait..been waiting for many months with no refund and everytime I contact them they say the refund team is backed up because they have many complaints..had to chase them on Twitter!!
    Written on April 12, 2016
  3. Cancelled my flight, I booked a new one with them for the same night and same return destination and they won't cover the difference.
    Written on May 1, 2016
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1+ reviews from Poulpeo

  1. Le site est très simple d utilisation la compagnie est à mon goût bien meilleur que air France et en tous les cas je n ai jamais eu de retard ou de grève, les hôtesses sont très tres gentille et professionnelle le service est impeccable et surtout mes valises reviennent comme je les leur est confier merci british airways.
    Written by ninipompon on June 22, 2016
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