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  1. You know how your parents always warned you that if a deal was too good to be true it probably was? That is how I feel about Cheap Caribbean. They list a lot of great packages and deals. They even include things like "free" upgrades, meals and vouchers. However, if you read the fine print (or do a little digging) you may find that while those things were offered as part of a pacakge, there is about 3 dates a year it would actually be valid. Or in order to redeem it you need to stand on your head while reciting the pledge of allegience. OK, maybe not that extreme, but there are an awful lot of terms and conditions. When I was looking at an all inclusive deal, the fine print mentioned that my flight date and time could be changed, that my hotel choice could be substituted for a comparable location and the resort credit was subject to the resort's discretion and approval.
    Written by Jenjlg on July 8, 2014
  2. The reason I do not like this website very much is because it does not do what it advertises. This website is based on giving you a luxury vacation in the Caribbean for less money. However, I have always been able to find better deals other places. My husband and I love to travel, but we are both teachers. Therefore, we cannot spend a great deal of money when we travel. I thought this website would be affordable for us. However, the price of a trip to Antigua, where we wanted to go, was more expensive on this website than the place we ended up booking through. Another negative side of this website is it only will let you search from certain departing cities. We live in Tennessee and the closest place we could purchase a ticket to leave from was Atlanta, Georgia. Then you have to factor in gas prices to get to the airport in with the trip as well. Overall, I would not recommend this website. While it gives you some great luxury resorts, it does not give you the best price.
    Written by Emily0609 on July 12, 2014
  3. Beware that they will not stand by their customers if something goes wrong. We paid for the transfers to and from our resort but on the way home the bus I thought was ours said we weren't on the list and another bus would come later. Turned out there was no bus coming later and we had to scramble for a cab and I was naturally stressed about getting through the airport in time. They will not pay for our cab fare or reimburse the transfer we paid because they believe the bus company that we didn't show up. We'll ignore the fact that we can show we checked out well before the bus arrived and their rep in the lobby who assisted me was very nice and assured me our cab fare would be reimbursed. Had we known they were owned by Apple Vacations we wouldn't have used them in the first place!
    Written on June 20, 2014
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  1. loved it
    Written on September 10, 2014
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