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700+ reviews from Bizrate

  1. Great store, would like to be able to click on entire picture to drill down and not just the view all button.
    Written by Cigars on July 12, 2014
  2. Haven't received the gel jar yet but very anxious to see how it works
    Written on June 17, 2014
  3. Need more choices
    Written on July 6, 2014
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1+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. Hey friend, I bought humidors for my wedding and the groomsmen loved it. Prices and service were top notch.
    Written by Steve Lawrence on June 18, 2014
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1+ reviews from by Answers

  1. I ordered a humidor, a cutter, a few 5 cigar sample packs, and a 3 flame torch from Cheap Humidors. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but their customer service is fast and amazing. Kayla was able to answer all my questions and even make a few suggestions that turned out great! When I decide to upgrade to a larger humidor or start running low on cigars I'll be back!
    Written by fozzie76 on October 23, 2013
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