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Estée Lauder Official Site


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Shipping & Delivery
3-5 days
average delivery time
greater than 90%
on-time delivery
greater than 98%
accurate & undamaged orders
Customer Service
12-24 hours
e-mail support response time
45 to 90 seconds
phone support response time
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
25,618 reviews in the past 12 months

Highlighted reviews

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  1. so excited, can't wait till i get my order !!!
    Written by gina on August 11, 2016
  2. User friendly website with easy check-out procedure.
    Written by Ingu on August 10, 2016
  3. The double wear foundation is amazing. I had searched for years for something with great coverage and staying power. But the most important thing is how well it goes on my skin. I have dry skin and always had issues with flaking or not going on evenly. This makeup is a god send for me. Once I apply my moisturizer I apply the foundation for a flawless look. I actually get compliments all the time. I love love love this product.
    Written on August 18, 2016
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