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  1. I did feel somewhat confused by your shipping info.
    Written by cassy on February 18, 2014
  2. I am glad you are using the 'Smart Labels' again for returns. One of the pairs fit quite well, the other ran short and I returned it. I ordered went ahead and ordered a new product even though it had not been reviewed yet, thus the shoe not fitting. I have difficult finding shoes as I have 3 issues with my feet and FootSmart has the biggest selection for people with bad feet. Since it is always a gamble, I usually wait for free shipping. Free return would make me order more. I generally have to order $100+ shoes that will take my orthodics. Most retail stores do not carry what I need.
    Written on November 11, 2013
  3. Delivery time was toooo long. other companies delivery is within 3-5 days. My delivery took toooo long.
    Written by Bette on November 5, 2013
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  1. I shop exclusively online and have never had such a bad experience as with Footsmart. First, my shoes took over 2 weeks to arrive and I already left for a trip for which I ordered them. Then, I returned them, they were received at Footsmart, and I still have not received a refund....going on a month. They said they would send case number, and never did. AND, the shoes were cheaper on Zappos, and they would have arrived the next day, and the credit would be immediate. I will never not use Zappos, and really never again use Footsmart. Worst customer service and pricing ever. Almost fradulent on the refund delay.
    Written by balozbalos on July 10, 2014
  2. FRAUD!!! I recently received my order and the color was not as indicated so I exchanged it for another color. Emails confirmed their receipt of my return, then after quite some time, I received a check (minus their restocking fee) saying the item was out of stock. I had been checking their website and that particular item was NEVER out of stock - they simply refused to exchange for another color - now I have to reorder my shoes and pay all over again!!! I will not order from Footsmart again.....the shoes cost $85.99.
    Written by mparegian on June 18, 2014
  3. Very Disappointed. Bought a $70.00 pair of soft spot sandals. In the first 4 weeks the heel fell off. When I contacted Foot Smart they said I could only return them if they were new, not worn. How can you return an expensive shoe with the defect. I had the heel fixed and them a few weeks later the other heal fell off and the sole came loose. Again contacted the company to be told it is after 60 days. Will never purchase anything from them again and hope you don't either.
    Written by Emsmeme on June 12, 2014
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  1. Over the past five years my family and I have ordered several products over the Footsmart website. First we ordered the orthopedic sandals. The selection was very nice and all sizes were available. The site recommended we order a size down, we did, and the shoes fit very well. I have ordered two different ankle braces for my father. He is on his feet all day and both braces brought him relief from the soreness and tightness of his work boots. I ordered a sleeve for my bunion. It was comfortable, true to size, and worked to help the pain and irritation. All of these items were shipped in a reasonable time and in good condition. The shipping and handling costs are comparable to other sites. I paid around $5.95 for my orders. My mother had ordered a brace for her plantar facitis. When she received the brace it was too uncomfortable to wear all we had to do was place a return label, which Footsmart provided and send it back. With no issue she received a full refund within days of sending ...
    Written by cg816 on January 28, 2014
  2. My feet have never been the same since running after buses for work in heels. As soon as I log onto shop at, I see instant savings and shoes that could help my foot problems. They have everything my feet need. Sometimes my legs are swollen due to being on my feet a lot. I know now that my pain will be over because had me covered. I ordered a leg elevator along with a pair of Orthanheel shoes. At checkout, I saved 10% on my order along with free shipping. My order arrived ten days later. Immediately I tried on my shoes and they were a perfect fit. The shoes support me very well and are very comfortable. Also, the leg elevator works very well with my swollen legs. I only have to use it for a few hours in order for the swelling to dramatically decrease. is definitely going to keep me as a regular.
    Written by mrsyoung1983 on July 16, 2014
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