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Gander Mountain

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  1. Gander Mountain has awsome deals in the stores and online as well. Most of the time if I need some gear or clothing for work I just head right in and find what Im looking for and buy it without the headache of looking around at the other stores. I know when I see somthing that I want there is no one in town that can beat there prices unless there just giving it away. Im a swat operator and there is a lot of gear that I need but the department that I work for will not buy us the good stuff so I buy most of my north face gear out of my own pocket. And being that Gander Mtn has some of the stuff that I need on sale it makes my job easy at the end of the day. So I just want to thank Gander Mtn for coming through when I really need them.
    Written by SRT408 on April 11, 2014
  2. very good,fast shipping
    Written by max on April 4, 2014
  3. Good prices site is user friendly and love the consumer reviews of products THANKS! ps also that I can use pay pal!
    Written by Wild Bill on April 5, 2014
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  1. Lake Mary store...Took a shotgun in for repair (paid for service upfront)...Called after two weeks...They said gun was shipped out for repair...I wanted it powder coated...called again in two record of gun in their inventory...I had the paperwork and went to the store...asked salesrep to check...gun was sitting in the back room and had never been touched ...over a month had gun by...took my gun back and and had to fight to get the refund...needed store manager approval...Avoid this place at all costs !
    Written by Huntsman33 on April 14, 2014
  2. Bought a SW SD9VE via Gander Mtn Internet order and picked it up at Fredericksburg, VA store. Customer service was sub-par; Ramon, was the first to approach and started filling out my paperwork. That went OK, but when I asked about the $50 rebate form they all acted like they never heard of it, even though it was in huge font on the front of their sales flyer. Took 15 min for them to figure it out and find the right form. I should have just printed it off the website. They also could not produce the packing slip for my order, as req'd on the rebate form when I send in. I had to pull up my internet order and copy/paste into word doc for printing and still dont have a receipt that has the UPC on it. Im anticipating they'll jerk me around on this at the rebate office and Im going to get screwed out of the $50. bucks. The whole thing was a hassle, I'll never shop w/ them again, weak customer service and seemed like a bunch of dopes. Guess you had to be there...but don't go there...
    Written by Parothed11 on September 20, 2013
  3. Ordered a used Benelli M1, Gander had listed online in used guns,they called a week later saying gun was not functioning & they cancelled order. They listed another Benelli M1 on month later, I ordered again, this time they e-mailed me saying it was already sold & had been sold since I ordered the 1st time. ******Manager Spencer (from N.C. store) then called me telling the gun is broken & magically keeps relisting itself on their web site. I guess its hard to keep tracked of what your telling your customers when your lying.I told him I still wanted gun when repaired , he told me they cannot do that.
    Written by Randy80 on January 8, 2014
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