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  1. The food emulsifier was shipped separate. Getting here late. I had already purchased another one. So this has been returned. Otherwise I am very happy with Heartland.
    Written by Randi on November 30, 2016
  2. I try not to buy reconditioned electronic products. Heartland America should also offer new boxed electronic products even though the would be a little more expensive..
    Written by Amato on November 18, 2016
  3. As a non-member, I still think the pricing is good. I'm not will to pay extra for a membership as I reviewed the catalog and made my order online once I found the product.
    Written by Fred on November 24, 2016
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  1. Bought item via Heartland America's website. Said regular price was $222, sale price $99 + free shipping. After adding misc. fees, total came to $125. Paid via PayPal. But when I googled to see what other companies were selling it for, I found that Heartland America sold the same exact item on a daily basis on eBay for about $70+$14.95 shipping. Contacted Heartland America to cancel my order and was on hold for 50 MINUTES. Heartland rep said it could not cancel the order, even though it was not scheduled to ship for five days. Rep said PayPal had to effect the cancel. Called PayPal, who told me Heartland America had to cancel the order. PayPal rep tried to resolve it with Heartland America, but was also placed on hold for more than 45 minutes and finally gave up. THIS WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH HEARTLAND AMERICA, AND I ASSURE YOU IT WILL BE MY LAST. I'M FED UP WITH RIP-OFF COMPANIES LIKE THIS.
    Written by roserunlady on May 18, 2016
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