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Shipping & DeliveryReturns
5-7 days
average delivery time
greater than 90%
accurate & undamaged orders
less than 10 days
returns processing
30 day
return policy for most items
ease of returns
Customer Service
6-12 hours
e-mail support response time
45 to 90 seconds
phone support response time
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
2,768 reviews in the past 12 months

Highlighted reviews

2,000+ reviews from Google Trusted Stores

  1. All sent well package arrived early! Great shopping!
    Written on August 10, 2016
  2. I was skeptical about ordering from this website, but I proceeded because of the "Google trusted source" status. After initially having to confirm my shipping and billing information one more time, the order arrived promptly and the customer service team was helpful and welcome without feeling forced or annoyed.
    Written on August 15, 2016
  3. My only complaint with HomeClick is that I asked a question online about the product, and it was not answered until several weeks later. By the time it was answered, I had actually forgotten about the piece...but I did end up purchasing it. It is absolutely beautiful. I had no trouble ordering from HomeClick. Customer service was very helpful and answered my question about shipping.
    Written on August 14, 2016
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300+ reviews from Shopper Approved

  1. Happy with prices
    Written by theresa a on July 27, 2016
  2. Definitely a two-person job to put this lamp together. But a real asset to a modern living setting.
    Written on July 21, 2016
  3. Thanks for providing such a great assortment of lighting options, shipping is too steep though.
    Written by Nicole D on August 1, 2016
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60+ reviews from by Answers

  1. This painting/picture lamp was just what I was looking for and matched the other one that I had for a large painting in my dining room.
    Written by talldudesd on July 31, 2016
  2. Bought the Serta Executive office chair - model 43520 in Brown. It is a great looking chair, very easy to assemble, and very comfortable. Well pleased. wish it was real leather, but....
    Written by Busyman097 on May 1, 2016
  3. After searching for a reasonably priced, in stock vanity, I happened upon Homeclick. Easy to search for exactly what I needed, quick to find, delivered within the stated time frame. All went well, and the vanity is here. Good experience with this company and I will definitely continue to use Homeclick.
    Written by cydseid on June 20, 2016
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10+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. I searched many sites and Homeclick LLC had the best price for the items I purchased. Will definitely do business again!
    Written by Kim Andrews on September 3, 2015
  2. Shopping was easy and painless. Once my order is received I'll update on customer service if needed. This website was the only one who had the product I wanted, in stock! Thank you.
    Written by KCR - So. Cal on September 2, 2015
  3. Amazon linked me to the site and I am grateful. The same item on another site costs $150 more. I received a confirmation and a follow up email very quickly and so far I've found other items of interest that brings me back. I'll follow this review up when the product arrives.
    Written by Del Holford on September 18, 2015
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