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  1. My wife and I made a reservation for a night out and the next day had to change plans because of an unexpected vehicle breakdown. Tried to cancel and was told that we couldn't cancel because we were a late reservation. I mean the next day I called to cancel. They wouldn't listen and told us that either way they were getting their money. So I wont be using again. Especially when there are better sites out there. Use at your own risk!!!!
    Written by frear2863 on February 12, 2016
  2. I was investigating a deal that they had advertised. I entered my information to log in. After logging in the site asked me if I wanted to cancel my reservation. I had not made a reservation and was seriously interested in booking the room after I found out what the total was going to be. It then took me to the screen where you put your name and contact info in. When I clicked "next" it gave me a confirmation page. That's the page where I found out that my reservation was non-refundable and was suprised to find that my reservation also had $111.75 of "tax recovery charges and service fees." I immediately called (11:50AM) the customer service number on the screen. Lemon, the customer service agent, told me that there was nothing she could do for me since their entire reservation system was down. She asked me to call back in 2-3 hours. I told her that this was a time sensitive situation since I was forced to an erroneous "non-refundable" reservation and that it probably needed to be handled immediately. She insisted that there was nothing that she could do until their systems came back up. She was hopeful that they would be back up and running in 2-3 hours. I called back at 2:40PM and the customer service representative had trouble understanding my issue. After several minutes of explanation, she finally seemed to understand what my issue was and she put me on hold for 27 minutes while she called the hotel to have my charges reversed. She came back on to tell me that the hotel would not refund my money because it was a "non-refundable" reservation. I told her that I was aware of this, and that this was a big part of my concern, especially when I called immediately after the transaction went through at 11:50 this morning. I asked for her name, at which time she put me on hold again to ask her manager if she was allowed to give me her name. She came back on the line several minutes later and then must have "accidentally" dropped my call. I pulled over and called again and spoke with Joe. He was unable to tell me the previous agents name who had helped me on my case because "her" name was not listed anywhere in the notes on my account. This experience was a total disaster. is completely willing to cancel my reservation and keep 100% of my money. Furthermore, they are unable to tell me what the $111.75 tax and fees breakdown are. It appears that their quirky website, their reservation system failure, and their inability to communicate are 100% my fault. I don't think I can afford to continue doing business with
    Written by sagannon on January 4, 2017
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100,000+ reviews from Feefo

  1. Website was easy to navigate. Choice of paying upfront or at hotel was pivotal. Tried a competing website, which wanted payment upfront, through a secondary website.
    Written on January 11, 2017
  2. Exceptionally easy to book and follow the confirmation information. Location is extremely accessible to local fine restaurants. Site was easy to access and simplistic.
    Written on January 11, 2017
  3. I've used travelocity,, expedia. I found that booking hotels thru was the easiest, quickest and most reliable service. Thanks for the great job.
    Written on January 11, 2017
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