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30+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. Great company.You can recover some of your money spent for the purchase and also you will get 5$ to your account. to do this, follow the link and register online extrabux Cash back Extrabux makes it easy to earn cash back and find coupons at the stores you love. After you create a free account, simply click to a store from extrabux and make a purchase. In 1-7 days, your cash back will be added to your extrabux account.
    Written by den on April 10, 2014
  2. Product wise IKEA are of course excellent. I recently returned 2 products on 2 different occasions. Both purchased from their store - both returned within a week at the same store. The first time I was told I'd be charged 30% because the product was assembled. The second time my girlfriend was given a 100% refund. Perhaps my breasts aren't big enough, but the lack of consistency was strange..
    Written by Mark on August 9, 2013
  3. Bought a new sofa at the end of last year. Was good price, looked good. Now the springs have gone. Left me feeling a bit meh! Ah well, I suppose you get what you paid for!
    Written by Leanne Houghton on February 24, 2014
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1+ reviews from by Answers

  1. I tried placing an order online and at every step of the way, they have ruined the order in the following way:1. Cancelled my order and blamed my bank when it was their billing department's fault2. The automated online service hung up on me multiple times3. The employees could not transfer me to the appropriate department4. When actually delivered, they damaged a piece of the order so I could not build my shelving unit5. I had to call the IKEA to figure out what was going on with my order with no updates6. When trying to reschedule my delivery for the damaged part, I was emailed an estimated delivery date 5 days later. That day came and went with no delivery or contact and when called, I found out that the estimated delivery will be 10 days later.7. When trying to request a supervisor, initially none were to be found, I was transferred to the wrong department or out right refused the transfer8. When finally speaking to a supervisor, I found out that my order for the replacement of the ...
    Written by severelydisappointed on April 9, 2014
  2. Worst online purchase experience ever.We ordered 8 items. Only half of them arrived correctly. Important pieces were missing, wrong pieces were shipped, hours of wait time on the phone hotline. Today finally they picked up the stuff. Very uncooperative delivery company. Still waiting to get my money back. If they don't, I'll file a BBB complaint and take them to small claims court.
    Written by smolix on December 13, 2013
  3. The absolute worst experience. Do not order online. You will spend money for deleivery, but no way to contact the delivery service, no idea when to expect your merchandise - took weeks, 48 hours to go through each box to make sure complete, but good luck trying to find someone to talk to! I finally travelled to a store to complain, was told item would be sent out, never happened. When I did finally reach a customer service agent was told I would need to purchase the missing item as I should have contacted them immediately (tried!). Beware!! Lesson learned - NEVER will I order from IKEA again!
    Written by antonia.garland on October 14, 2013
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