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Shipping & DeliveryReturns
3-5 days
average delivery time
greater than 95%
accurate & undamaged orders
less than 10 days
returns processing
30 day
return policy for most items
ease of returns
Customer Service
6-12 hours
e-mail support response time
45 to 90 seconds
phone support response time
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
10,731 reviews in the past 12 months

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10,000+ reviews from by Answers

  1. I would like to order towing mirrors for my 2014 Chevy 1500 Silverado. I have ordered a pair of these twice both times I got the wrong ones. I contacted the product info service but they told me there is no such thing. Hard to believe but they listened to me very well but couldn't help. I'll keep using JCW for other products but will have to find another source for this one.
    Written by ron-12395 on September 14, 2015
  2. I would like to see the items more clear or biggers.
    Written by hernandezv102 on August 19, 2015
  3. Satisfied with the order, it just came 2 days later than expected. It was for a birthday, so I missed it and he got it late.
    Written by cuebie2 on August 28, 2015
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20+ reviews from Bizrate

  1. The only thing that I saw was I wanted to continue shopping for struts after i purchased the shocks and did not see that as a choice, maybe more prominent
    Written by Dan on January 26, 2015
  2. I cannot share my comments now because it is my first time order from Thanks
    Written by Jun on December 2, 2014
  3. It was a good buying experience
    Written on October 29, 2014
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