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John Lewis

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238 reviews in the past 12 months

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  1. I contacted John Lewis to enquire about an exchange after spending 280 on two suitcases. The first call lasted 26 minutes and i simply gave up. Then i tried again ... an hour later and ... and after 16 minutes someone picked up and the line and clearly could be heard hanging up. So, thats 42 minutes of my life gone and next time i will go to House of Fraser!
    Written by Marco Benincasa on August 1, 2014
  2. Purchased an i-pad 3 months ago, it developed a fault so returned to to JL in Nottingham. It was sent to Apple for repair and i was told a new one would be issued it it could not be repaired. Unfortunately it was beyond repair and i was told to collect a new one, so i did and when it was presented in a plain brown box as opposed to an original i-pad box i became suspicious and was reasured it was brand new, "is it reconditioned " i asked, to be told now it is definately brand new. So off i toddled home and gave to New i-pad to my neice who i had originaly brought it for. She is 11 yrs old and knew straight away it was reconditioned, she was distraught. After much complaining and sticking to our guns we were issued with a brand new device. Beware if you have any items repaired under JL guarantee as it is not what is seems, you will be fobbed off with second hand replacements, shame on you John Lewis. We also lost all the Apps, photos etc on the original device as a Technical assistant ...
    Written by Lisa on August 2, 2014
  3. Aug 2nd ordered toddler bed as grandson nagging to come and sleep at our house. PayPal verified request of payment immediately by email. Aug 5th checked my account for update on order delivery etc no sign of order on my account emailed JL explained no trace of order on my account furnished them with the PayPal transaction number and asked them to check order and then sat back and waited for a reply in THEIR promised 24hrs (silly me) nothing heard from them. Decided to phone them (again silly me) made numerous calls over the next few days waiting up to 30mins each time in a queue before being able to talk to someone having to explain each time to a different person about missing order each one promising to look into it and call me back within (you guessed it) 24hrs, nothing forthcoming. Finally had callback Sat 9th while i was visiting a relative in hospital, explained I was unable to take the call and asked if they could call me back later (silly silly me) this they promised to do. ...
    Written by george kavanagh on August 13, 2014
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