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Lands' End

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  1. I typically choose my clothes for the day based on which ones are the least wrinkled and do not require ironing. So I was very excited to try wrinkle-free colored shirts that require no ironing. I was looking for three to four shirts to be able to wear to the office during the week. The site had exactly what I was looking for, and I am thinking of going back to the site again to buy some more.
    Written by utlegospam on July 27, 2014
  2. I like shopping online at because they have the best organized selection. You can buy not quite perfect items at the fraction of the cost. I like the counter where they reduce the prices of some of the items buy a certain day. But do not hesitate because you can loose out on the sale. The shipping used to be pretty fast but now it seems to take a while before they ship out your package. Make sure your sign up to be put on their mailing list so you are notified of the free shipping offer and other sales. My husband even enjoyed shopping online as well for suits. He liked to read the reviews and the easy process of returning an item. The suits came wrapped well and with a nice hanger too. For some reason the suits seemed to arrive faster. I like how they have the measurements online too so you cannot not mess up. I also like the swimsuits and that they are sold as separate items. You save so much time with the way the site is arranged that you will truly enjoy your shopping ...
    Written by Shanesiobhan on January 5, 2014
  3. My husband is ridiculously tall (six foot five) and has a very difficult time finding dress slacks that fit. Most retailers do not stock his size in-store, so he has to do his shopping online. offers a large variety of men's dress slacks (including sizes with 36" inseam, though you can't get the rolled cuff in that inseam length). My husband works in a medical office, so it isn't practical for him to wear dry clean only pants (due to infection control issues). Unfortunately, all the different pants he ordered from that were machine washable were made of a very thick material that my husband didn't like the feel of (he accidentally also ordered a pair of dry clean only wool pants that he loved, but couldn't keep). Fortunately, Lands' End offers no-hassle, no-question returns. If you don't want to pay to ship the product back, you can make the return at your local Sears.
    Written by elledent on November 5, 2013
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  1. This company doesn't even deserve one star. I feel like any five star reviews are either fake or paid for by the company. I' ve read a few of them, and I can tell that that is the case for some of them since--I'm a psychologist and an HR manager. I'm a first time customer and I feel like I've been cheated. Their customer service is horrendous. I called them twice to try to exchange, one lady told me I have to pay for shipping on the exchange despite the fact that the website says reorders are free. She also gave me a very snooty attitude with no apologies. I called a second time a week later and this lady gave me an even bigger attitude, but she at least apologized when I pointed out how she was complaining about my aggravation. I'm sorry, I thought you were working for the customer--not the other way around. I have a recording of that conversation. I'm debating on posting it everywhere. They have definitely lost me forever as a customer. That's too bad, because I expected more from ...
    Written by reichert_constantin on July 9, 2014
  2. I had an issue with slow processing and 2 day shipping on a gift purchase. The package ended up arriving a day later than it should have according to their processing / shipping web page. Lands end refunded the shipping and gift boxing cost to me. My wife is a big fan of their's due to their petite sizing and loved the dress, even if it was a day late.
    Written by blue0two on June 3, 2014
  3. I purchased a pair of boots and after a year they began separating at a threaded seam. Lands End replaced them without question. When I receieved the new pair of boots, Lands End also included a check for $25 (not a coupon) because the latest pricing on the boots were $25 less than what I had paid a year earlier. What more could I ask for.
    Written by worknhard on June 8, 2014
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