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  1. ***
    Written by hello on June 4, 2014
  2. It was really a nice experience with Lenovo. The laptop is great.
    Written by maxspeed1143 on August 13, 2014
  3. so far so good, as long as the item ships on time.
    Written by ecko25 on February 24, 2014
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  1. The absolute worst purchase I have ever made in my life. The computer restarts EVERYTIME I am on the internet. It is slow; takes forever to start. It is not at all intuitive. I have email on three different sections of the computer and they are not in sync. I contacted them and they were totally uninterested in hearing about the problems, let alone fixing them. I trashed the compter and bought a new one.
    Written by Lenovo Buyer on August 29, 2014
  2. Lenovo has terrible customer service.... been trying to resolve an issue for 3 months now. Purchased a new laptop that had problems.... ordered recovery disc direct from them and the discs do not work.... they look like cheap home made disc and Lenovo confirmed the tech department just burned some recovery disc and mailed them out.Well, they did not work and will not even read. I tried several drives to be sure and non of them could read any data - it treated the new disc like it was a blank CD, and they do not work. The customer service kept promising me a refund. After 5 case numbers and a promise of a refund, and return shipping label... and being told they would call me in a day or two - but never called me back - ever !!!! I finally called them back (again) today and now they are saying they will not issue a refund for the defective install disc set (all 4 of them).Do not buy a Lenovo product ever.... you may have one run fine for a bit, but if it dies - Lenovo will not stand by ...
    Written by Lenovo Buyer on September 7, 2014
  3. this time I will only make a review on the ordering process..I bought there because of the commercial version with strong hardware. So I called 2 times got different answers so finally figured it out..ordered it online and there starts hell..they wrote my address wrong and forgot to give the unit and floor and ups was not able to find me thus wanted to charge me more for delivery! so I had called lenova so many times to straighten this out and I was upset since they were not smart enough to transfer the right address to ups but the agents on the phone could not care less...they did not understand that this was such a stupid mistake that caused many issues on my end but was no big issue for them.. I was supposed to be cool! my order was late, ups wanted more manager literally lied to me about fixing the problem, he never did anything to help! one was supposed to call me in 2 days!!!! and here I am waiting to get my goods within a limited time??? I felt that they were totally ...
    Written by Lenovo Buyer on September 6, 2014
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