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Shipping & DeliveryReturns
3-5 days
average delivery time
greater than 98%
on-time delivery
greater than 98%
accurate & undamaged orders
less than 14 days
returns processing
45 day
return policy for most items - Details
ease of returns
Customer Service
12-24 hours
e-mail support response time
1.5 to 2 minutes
phone support response time
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Customer service
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5 star
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49,449 reviews in the past 12 months

Highlighted reviews

10,000+ reviews from Google Trusted Stores

  1. We ordered the wrong size drum heads by mistake. Customer service was very helpful and cheerful in helping arrange a return and re-order of correct sized products.
    Written on January 2, 2017
  2. Great customer service. Actually escalated my shipment so that it would arrive early. I would recommend Musicians Friend to others and will purchase from them again.
    Written on January 8, 2017
  3. my shopping experience with musicians friend has always been flawless, this company rocks love,em , good prices awesome products, online ordering easy. keep on Rock'in MF.
    Written on January 9, 2017
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30,000+ reviews from Bizrate

  1. Delivery for the drum set was scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 21st and it was delivered on Monday Dec. 19th, what a surprise. thank you. My grandkids love the drum set!
    Written on January 3, 2017
  2. I enjoy shopping or just perusing the catalogues and online store. I have not ordered a lot, but was very satisfied with the professionalism of Musicians friend.
    Written by Mike on January 8, 2017
  3. Got to love Musician's Friend! Great variety and good prices.. Fast shipping as well, almost always satisfied, and if not, they work with me to figure the issue out!
    Written by Adam on January 7, 2017
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1+ reviews from by Answers

  1. I'm blown away after reading SO many very bad reviews! I've been dealing with MF for YEARS (since 1998 to be specific) and never had a bad experience with customer service or any of the items I've bought. My 2 most recent dealing for example: first, I ordered strings, a tuner and something else small. I noticed it was taking a while to arrive (which is very unlike MF to me) so I contacted them. They told me UPS made the delivery and left the box at my door (i hate that they do that btw). I told them I didn't get it so they have me a # to make a claim with UPS which I did. After a few days of no responses I called MF back. Without question or hesitation they refunded my money AND resent me my order!!!! Second, I was shopping for a Rickenbacker 4003 and came across an open box/blem 4003s for over $300 less than new so I took a chance, called and ordered it. Customer service was beyond excellent and helpful even waiting on the phone with me while saving the order for me while I was tranfering funds to make the purchase. The bass arrived WAY faster than I could've expected (only 5 days) and without paying extra! The bass was FLAWLESS! I swear I still cannot find a single thing wrong with it, not a scratch, ding or smudge to be found. All electronics and hardware work perfectly! I couldn't be any happier with my decision to buy this bass and all my other purchases with MF over the last 18 years! Sorry to read so many horror stories, guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. Peace.
    Written by Mjo78p on May 12, 2016
  2. I bought a lot of items from this company for YEARS. Even though there some 5 stars reviews, the negative reviews show the downwards spiral of this company. Here is what happened to me.. Over the years, I've spent "a lot" of money at Musicians Friend noted below as M.F. A few months back, I had an issue in regards to buying a new synthesizer from M.F. and I have not bought anything since. On Sunday Oct 9th, I decided to give this company another chance, and I purchased an electric guitar. I was told twice that it would be shipped out on Monday, and I would have my tracking number on Monday afternoon as I paid for two day shipping. After not getting any tracking number in the late afternoon, I found out from another customer service representative that there was an issue with my order, but could not say what that issue was. So I canceled my order today as I dont want any issues trying to get the guitar, and to be fair.. I giving them a REAL second chance.. I even told the associate that! To Musician's Friend: If you don't want to treat people with honesty in regards to shipping products out, then have a basic "in two weeks" shipping clause... or better yet.. if there is a problem with a customer's order.. have the decency to at least contact that customer ahead of time. But I don't have to worry about your customer facing issues.... I gave your company a 2nd chance.... but as the saying goes, fool me once.. shame on you.. fool me twice.. shame on me. And I truly do feel that shame today.
    Written by TheRealMrTom on October 10, 2016
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