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  1. could not use gift card.... wanted a pin number ????tried calling radio shack - closed.... tried number on card - no answer..... really !!! not much support or ease of use for your gift cards
    Written on July 27, 2014
  2. love the shack!!
    Written by purebread on July 17, 2014
  3. I purchased a radio scanner which is a complicated product to use. I loaded the program on the CD and it sent me to company called BluTell. They are very poor in customer support. Their web presence is primitive and telephone support just dumps you into an endless prerecorded messaging mess. This is a gigantic hole in customer support and while the product is good, getting it up to its promised operating potential is daunting.
    Written by CJ Smith on July 11, 2014
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1+ reviews from by Answers

  1. on May-9, 2014, I walked into the store located at Northgate shopping mall of San Rafael, CA and left my Galaxy S4 phone there to replace the LCD(screen) because of water damage and asked them to keep my screen protector, they said OK. The next day, when I went to pick up my phone, I was told there was no screen protector on the old screen at all. How come? I told them I even can pull out my phone purchase receipt from T-Mobile system to prove I did buy the screen protector and there is no point I bought one, but didn't put it on. The store manager was really rude and treated customer with no nice at all. A few days later I called their district manager who is another rudest person I ever seen before. She kept arguing with me over the phone even though there was one there, they still can't transfer it from old screen to new screen. I said I was told it can be done, otherwise I won't ask for it. Then she changed her tongue saying initially the store people misunderstood me that I was ...
    Written by jevmors on May 16, 2014
  2. This is for! I would rate with no stars if I could. EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! They have no compassion and are liars! I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 from them and it is damaged. They are sending me a new phone but have put a "hold" in my bank account for $400 and now my funds are not available. SPRINT WOULD NEVER DO THIS!. I understand that companies take your credit/bank card number as a guarantee but, to actually have your funds not available to you is just wrong. They should not touch the funds in any way unless the customer does not return the damaged phone. "Hold" or not, I have no money now and has put me in a horrible financial bind. When I told them my situation, all they say is "I'm sorry" and "I can't reverse the hold, it's impossible until I get the other phone back". Impossible? Really?!? I am not dumb, it is NOT impossible. They are just not going to do it period. RADIOSHACK.COM CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ONE OF THE WORST COMPANIES I HAVE EVER ...
    Written by kalachucha on October 5, 2013
  3. Never believe what a radio shack employee tells you. I was told the insurance plan I was getting for my phone from radio shack covered more than verizon's. When I tried to make a claim on my stolen phone is when they decided to mention they don't cover lost and stolen phones. Sounds like less to me. Be careful people these guys will tell you anything to get that commission.
    Written by jg2591 on March 14, 2014
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1+ reviews from

  1. I usually shop at once a year only because they do offer some very good Black Friday show stopper details. I don't shop there all the time because I don't like their Next Tech branded line of products. Occasionally, there is a good deal or two, but not enough for me to pull the trigger. Checking the flyer out this year, they have the Sandisk Cruzer version of USB at the 16 gigabyte level for under $10 which is fantastic in my opinion, so I will likely stock up on these. Overall, good site, easy to navigate, with a low threshold to hit free shipping (at $25). Lots of different products and competitively priced as well. Fit Bit Force is 129.99, which is the same price everywhere and is used as an index for me to compare the different prices from the other various retail stores. They have lots of quantities of their Black Friday stock, so getting my desired item wasn't an issue at all!
    Written by nextgenkai on November 5, 2013
  2. Radio Shack may be one of the smallest tech supply stores and therefore they don't make much of an impression. I was fortunate enough to catch some awesome deals by looking at their online deals. I mean, they really blew me away. When Radio Shack discounts an item, they really take a lot off. I was able to buy a tablet and laptop at such a low price and these items were brand new. Keep in mind, not everything is on sale. If I see one of their ads and I am interested in buying, I will first call their store to make sure they still have the item in stock. Sometimes they are kind enough to give you a rain check while the product is on back order. I try to keep an eye on their ad's a couple times a month so as not to miss anything. While speaking about Radio Shack, I would like to add that they carry the largest supply of electronic accessories that I have seen anywhere. I lost my kindle adaptor one time and they had one right in stock for me. I have a friend whose dog ate the power cord ...
    Written by dmdifalco on November 26, 2013
  3. should only be used for purchasing a cell phone or some blank media discs. They usually always have most phones in stock because a lot of people don't shop for phones on I don't believe people are trying to be cool or hip by not buying phones from Radioshack, but most of the people I talked to didn't know that they still existed. Also, the other great thing about Radioshack is that they usually have a deal on blank media discs. You can usually score a 50 pack of DVD-R's for a little under $10 on a regular basis. The checkout process on Radioshack is very easy and quick. I get an email confirming my order immediately after placing an order and items usually ship within a day. Shipping is free on all products, but sadly that's only for shipping the product to the nearest store in your area. I definitely would recommend to people looking for a hard to get phone that isn't in stock on other sites.
    Written by kingoftheink on January 15, 2014
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1+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. I purchased a ZTE Muve phone from Radio shack, The service man also recommended I purchase the 2 YEAR extended warranty. He said for 2 years it would cover anything that the manufacture would not cover, including, theft, loss, broken, washed, dried, dropped in a toilet, etc....After only 5 months, I accidentally left my phone in the rain. I went back to Radioshack to exchange my phone as promised! And NOW to be told "I'M sorry we switched warentee's and no longer carry that one, We now carry the "IT HAPPENS warranty" So they can't help me? WHAT A RIP OFF! I dont care who you switched to, They should of contacted me and at least offer me the option to purchase the new one, or as I believe honor my contract and the 2 yr warranty that I purchased. SO all you people who purchased a phone and warranty from Radioshack, you should know that your NO LONGER Covered! Is this how radioshack rips their customers off? collect money for warranty's and then change their insurance providers every ...
    Written by Tj DuszikDrevenak on March 20, 2014
  2. Radio shack charged me for 1 yr warrenties on all MY purchases without my ok, and WILL NOT REFUND my $ on the products i returned so now i have warrenties on products I dont own!
    Written by Belinda Moreno Mermer on January 13, 2014
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