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  1. Thanks
    Written by anikaz on March 3, 2014
  2. It was perfect shopping to buy my son`s clothes.
    Written by js on January 12, 2014
  3. I always enjoy shopping on Ralph lauren website. I like the quality of the materials and also sewing method, beucase some other shop's clohtes are not well sewed or some qualities are poor, especially cotton and wool materials.Thank you for your service and I appreciate it.
    Written on January 13, 2014
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1+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. I purchased a pair of shoes from Ralph Lauren. When they needed cleaning I contacted their customer support. On their website, it explicitly says to contact them, if we need help with product care. Their reply was: 1) We don't supply that type of service, because there are many types of products and 2) Contact a cleaning professional to obtain this type of information. That is simply unacceptable. Even more so because they explicitly say on their own website to contact them when you need help. Legendary service ? Not a chance. What a shame Ralph Lauren!
    Written by tommel on December 24, 2013
  2. I placed an order online. I received an email confirmation of my order and payment was deducted from my bank account. Afterward I received an email that some of the items I had paid for were unavailable. The process of getting a refund was extremely tedious. I eventually had to dispute the charge with my bank because their incompetent customer service wouldn't do anything for me.
    Written by Daniel on February 11, 2014
  3. I bought a floor lamp cost $500+ without the lamp shade delivered. The customer service promised me to ship a new lamp shade after obtaining my new address. However, the never told me this would gonna to be a discontinued product, and the didn't retain any lamp shade for me. Until recently, I request them to ship me the missing shade that I know the truth. They blamed for the new shipping address is not available that they can't offer the discontinued one, and compensate for only $100 "gift certificate". That only accounted for the domestic shipping fee and tax I have ever paid.
    Written by 趙浿琪 on September 1, 2013
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