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  1. is such a great store for business owners and regular everyday shoppers. There are so many products to choose from. They have an extensive product line of office supplies and everything in between including Small and large appliances and even office coffee supplies. I was honestly surprised by that initially. In the past, I had only thought of them as an office supplies site. has very reasonable prices and, they even offer rewards if you are a rewards card member. The site itself is very clean and easy to browse and shop. They are very uncomplicated about their shipping and payment processes. The customer service center is really great. The staff there are very knowledgeable of the products the store sells and, they are very eager to help when an email is sent. This site certainly has a lot going for it and, I am happy to be a customer of It's surely worth checking out.
    Written by Estella1 on March 20, 2014
  2. is a simple website. I am able to order what I am looking for by just putting in the search engine the details of what I want, by using It is a much easier transaction, and depending on how much you spend, the shipping is normally free. There are also many coupons out there for is a wonderfully designed site. There are many appealing features to this website: ease of use, customer service and quick shipping. The customer service is built right into the website, which is fantastic. If you need help, usually at the corner of the page there is a little Instant Message you can have with a representative. The ease of use is fantastic as well, it makes it so anyone can use the website. The shipping normally is 3-7 days, which can either be shipped to your house or to the store directly. I would highly recommend for your office and home purchases for another old or young.
    Written by Robinrj on February 17, 2014
  3. I have purchased online on many times and I have been satisfied with both my orders as well as my online shopping experience with them. Out of the things that I've purchased from them online, I love buying my office supplies from them. They have a huge collection and the prices are great! I think has a larger selection than their stores and they often have a huge clearance or sale section on their website. I usually select the store pick up option for my orders, that way I don't need to pay for any shipping or delivery charges. I hardly had to wait for a couple of minutes to collect my online order in store, which is really convenient for me. I also like the fact that their "Help Center" section covers a lot of general questions that one may have while placing orders online. I have been able to find answers to all my queries from this section and did not need to make any calls. Overall, a great place to buy office supplies. I may try for other ...
    Written by RICHAKAUL on November 30, 2013
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  1. I had recently went to staples to get toner for a science fair project my 11year old daughter was doing. The manager there was AWESOME! He explained to me the only way to get the toner was to either order it in bulk or purchase an ink cartridge still a while in it and carefully extract the toner myself. Since I had very little money and couldn't afford a 50 ink cartridge, the manager offered to extract the toner himself from the cartridges that people and companies brought in for disposal and said he would have it ready by the following Monday and would give me a call, which surprise, he really did! I only had to pay around a dollar for the container he used to hold the toner. Totally went above and beyond on this one!! Thanks Staples!
    Written by bizzybam17 on May 25, 2013
  2. I had ordered a Canon laser cartridge online because Staples had the best price for this item. I received 2 telephone calls that it had arrived and went in to pick it up the next day. On a Monday afternoon, there was no one in line at the one open cashier. The cashier could pull up my name on the computer, but, unfortunately, she had no idea where to locate my cartridge. After the cashier sifted through different areas, I waited until she could locate the supervisor who could retrieve my order. As I looked around the store, it was noticeably disorganized--at the checkout area and atop shelves. If they were in the middle of inventory, it was still disheveled and messy. Perhaps it was the Monday following a big weekend sale. But since it was 4:30 in the afternoon, one would think that the mess after the weekend would have been somewhat picked up, especially up front. A little more attention to detail and organization, especially in the areas where customers first walk in would be ...
    Written by hwelk on July 15, 2013
  3. Always easy to navigate online. Placed order for Brother Printer and had it in 4 days.
    Written by Ronnyh on July 3, 2013
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1+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. i have placed 4 orders this year with this company, free delivery by staples delivery. My order are all here shortly, and I caught couple of good deals so can't really complaint
    Written by Sam on December 8, 2013
  2. Staples is the best place to get office supplies and equipment. They have a wide selection of items of great quality. They always have the newest computers and laptops. They have all the necessary accessories and gadgets you need for your computer. Their other electronics are all top of the line equipment. They always have great back to school sales. I always take my kids there because they like the school supplies that they have there. We bought a paper shredder from them and it has worked wonders. I will always go to Staples for all my office needs.
    Written by Vagrig Nazari on February 6, 2014
  3. There are not many options when it comes to technology where I live. Staples is the big name in town so they were my best bet to find the right projector. The store in town had good prices and the items in stock, unfortunately the salespeople were not very knowledgeable.
    Written by Dylan Buck on December 17, 2013
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