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Summit Racing Equipment

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  1. Bought headers for my sons 92 Ramcharger on Ebay, e tried to install them, and they were wrong. Got ahold of customer service, they admitted that the aplication chart was a misprint and the headers only fit up through 91. They told me to send them back for a refund , knowing I tried to install them. When they got them, they decided that since i ruined the gaskets and lost a couple bolts that they would not give me back my money.. am now going through paypal to tryand get my money back these jack%$#s will never see another dime from me
    Written by terryseffron on September 5, 2014
  2. I ordered a part for my '79 Firebird, the part did not fit when they said it would, I sent it back for my "Full Refund" and when I was credited I saw to my shock that they took an $8.50 fee just to ship it back, I got a hold of customer service where they were extremely rude and told me it cost them over $20 just to ship the product to me, which is probably becuase they used a box that was three times the size of the part and the part weighed less than 6lbs. The shipping time to get from them to my house was horrid and then the whole issue with it not fitting, returns and customer service has told me that Summit Racing is full of crap! I will never buy anything from them ever again! They can take their parts and their $8.50 return fee and shove it where the sun don't shine!
    Written by whittonca on August 6, 2014
  3. I specifically asked and was told my DJM control arms will ship the night before OK LAST NIGHT. (yada yada)... I paid the next day air,raced home and no F%%#^&@*#^part?? Called up was issued the next day air fee back to my card only to find out in 4 freaking days will I see the credit and add insult to injury summit phone operators were clueless as to where or why my shipment was held up. Now it will be 6 days until I get my part.I NEEDED THAT PART TODAY!FALSE ADVERTISING someone was asleep at the wheel. "Oh it was the part supplier" Very misleading company, What a let down from them. So watch what happens if I need to return a 40 pound box how much will that cost me.I really thought I was dealing with pro's.
    Written by Nissan300z on April 8, 2014
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