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  1. Let me start this by saying that I love Teavana's tea. However, I will never deal directly with them again. Their ordering system and customer service are abysmal, and the tea is not worth the trouble. If this is as far as you read, you've got the gist of my story.Here are the gory details if you're interested:-12/26/13'ish placed an order for $23.30-ship date: 1/13/14, received 1/16/14'ish-packing slip indicates $11.87 and half my items are marked 0 for qty shipped. NO other explanation-emailed Teavana - no response after 3 days-emailed Teavana - no response after 2 days-called Teavana, waited on hold for 25 minutes, requested a callback, no response all the following day-called Teavana, waited on hold for 20 minutes, finally got someone. she said it looks like I received all my items, her system showed that all my items shipped. interesting. I was mad at this point already and asked what I'd be charged? she said the $11.87 on the packing slip, but she offered to ship me the other ...
    Written by cdprater on February 11, 2014
  2. I'll simply echo what many others have said: customer service at Teavana online is a bad as service at your local Teavana store is good. I placed an order online, there was something left out in delivery, I wrote to their customer service online twice, and never received a response. I'll never order from their website again, and am not sure whether I'll buy from them again locally either.
    Written by Mbalamwezi on February 6, 2014
  3. The customer service sucks every time I go to ANY Teavana. It does not matter if it is in Connecticut, New York or New Jersey... it is always consistently awful! They are never engaging or friendly, and they usually straight up ignore me. Everything is overpriced. I can not stress how much I do not like Teavana.
    Written by lkicking on April 25, 2014
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