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  1. Never in my four years of college have I dealt with such an unprofessional and morally wrong site. Not only did they take 2 weeks to get me a book that I paid two day shipping on but I also paid full price for a textbook that was marketed as the US version with pictures and the US ISBN and I was sent the International version which is clearly different and has a different ISBN. The seller will not answer me and the company told me it was my fault for not reading seller comments (which do not show up when you order the book). This is ridiculous. They are scamming college students who usually have to save up for textbooks anyways. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS SITE!
    Written by meg91 on September 7, 2013
  2. Ordered a textbook for my wife very close to the date her class started. Placed the order on 8/19, credit card charged on 8/21 and the tracking info was finally available 8/26. Post office has only received the electronic request, but not the package? They also sell on Amazon and claim 1-2 day shipping there, but my account page shows 5-7 days to process ordering directly from their web site. This is not acceptable! My wife may have to drop the class! With what I have been reading here we may never see the book or if we do get it we might not be able to return it! I am starting to worry. Now Amazon has the damn book $30 cheaper and I would have had it sooner without the worry! I have tried customer service @ 1-800-887-6459, but all I get is a couple of rings, then a busy signal. Not sure what to do next...*UPDATE*Package arrived today (8-30-13) and it looked a little small for a textbook. Opened the package to find...NOT THE BOOK I ORDERED! Surprise! Ended up oredring from ...
    Written by kacohn on August 28, 2013
  3. All students at our trade school are being ripped off by TextbookX/Akademos. They raise the price $40-200 per book compared to Amazon and eBay because half of us use state grants which can only be used through the website's voucher. The school forces us to use them, or pay out of pocket on another website. We can't afford to pay from a closed system that charges more than tripple the marketplace!! Additionally, books take 1-4 weeks to arrive when ordering from them. I've sold books on TextbookX and am requiered to mail it within 24 why isn't TextbookX held to the same deadline to ship a book? Customer service is so clueless that they wanted MY username and password when my orders weren't showing up under "recent purchases." Absolutely disorganized and overpriced business compared to any competitor.
    Written by StudentA on October 6, 2013
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  1. Sold me a library book
    Written on June 9, 2013
  2. Great experience, Great company.
    Written on April 23, 2013
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