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Troll and Toad

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  1. Their definition of NM and mine differ greatly. To me, it means 2 small flawws from factory production and cutting, etc. (pack fresh.) To them, it means as long as it isn't ripped or water damaged, it's NM. Good thing I didn't get aything outrageously expensive.
    Written by crackrok on February 3, 2014
  2. A great website with a rich history that most people don't seem to know about (and it's their fault - let them buy overpriced cards from more popular shops) - they have a perfect balance, carrying a lot of good cards in stock, but still selling them at very competitive prices. The only thing that keeps me from giving their prices 5 stars is the price on common MTG singles - they start at 50 cents. Their rationale is that sorting the huge amount of cards they have takes time, i.e. money. While I agree with that and being too lazy to look for commons anywhere else, still buy them from T&T, it still seems too much. Anyway, I've ordered from them 9 times and going to keep using their site even though they don't give me any discount since they are the most convenient website I've seen.Phil
    Written by philolog65 on January 7, 2014
  3. Great site, with many choices and good prices on cards. However, their shipping and handling is terrible. I have personally ordered 4 things from them and out of the four times they have lost or delayed 3 of the shipments. One order was two Yugioh cards and it took 20 days to receive, that is just crazy. They are polite and offer to refund my money but the fact they mess up so much is disheartening and frustrating. I would look elsewhere if you want to be sure to get your items and in a timely manner.
    Written by gheppard on August 30, 2013
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1+ reviews from TRUSTPILOT

  1. First time i buyd from and I will buy from there Again. Sure. Because its was ok shipping time, and there were no items missing. Great. 2nd time i buyd from trollandtoad i recived all, but instead of reciving 1 spirit reaper (yugioh) i recived 1 spirit Barrier, i then write to the costomer service And N Problems there, they will now sent me the right Card, and some a gift I may keep the Card. Its what i call Service. :-)
    Written by Jakob-Emil Thorbjørn Janager Jakobsen on January 20, 2014
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