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  1. Xotic PC built me a upgraded laptop that has blown my expectations away. Customer service was top notch and kept me informed thru the entire process. I would highly recommend using them to anyone looking for a customized PC. They will receive all my future computer business.
    Written by Seanifer on August 8, 2014
  2. I bought a Sager laptop from Xotic PC in March 2014. I had previously done business with them in May 2011, and this was why I came back: the ordering process is quick, the configuration options are well explained, and the process from order placement to delivery is completely transparent and amply communicated at each step of the build.When you take odd options (such as building a machine without an installed OS), you can bet you're going to get an e-mail to clarify that's really what you want. When they give you a projected status/build stage date, they'll make that deadline and let you know that your machine has moved to the next stage.I really can't say enough about how friendly and professional their customer service is. Xotic PC has my business for as long as they want it.
    Written by cryphana on July 26, 2014
  3. Fantastic people to work with, excellent customer service. I will be ordering from them again for sure
    Written by crittermb on August 13, 2014
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  1. Requested and RMA from XoticPC 5 days ago, was promised one with 24-48 hours, still have not received it and they are not returning my calls or emails. Bought an Asus laptop from them 2 years ago. It now needs an out of warranty repair but Asus says it won't repair it because of the non-factory upgrades that Xotic PC installed (upgraded CPU, RAM, HD) when I originally ordered. So now I have to send it back to XoticPC at my expense so they can remove the upgraded parts and reinstall the original parts, then wait for them to do that, pay again for them to send to Asus, then after Asus fixes and returns to XoticPC I have to wait yet again for XoticPC to remove the standard parts and reinstall the original upgrades, and then pay yet again for them to ship back to me. Be forewarned that if you buy an Asus laptop from XoticPC with anything but the Asus factory standard parts and then later need it repaired, you too will have to go through this lengthy, time consuming, and expensive process. ...
    Written by Mike Smith on May 16, 2014
  2. I ordered a laptop from this company knowing full well that they were on the slow side to ship out, especially as I requested a small upgrade (16 gb of ram instead of 8gb, not really a huge deal). When my laptop arrived it worked for five hours before shutting off without any warning and has done nothing since. I immediately contacted their customer service and spent the next 7 days trying to get something done about this computer. I never did manage to get them on the phone until the last day despite multiple attempts (West coast people be warned, they close very early) At one point I was told I would receive an RMA for the unit which I agreed to, but then made my point clear that I was very disappointed that a computer that was supposedly tested had broken pretty much right out of the box, so much for their so-called "Stress Testing" and "Quality Assurance" phases. Apparently at this point, my complaint was seen as my not wanting the RMA, despite never saying anything like that at ...
    Written by Nichole on July 30, 2014
  3. Roland is a very god helper. live chat is awesome
    Written by Casper Rindum Nørrelykke on August 28, 2013
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