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  1. Very happy with my ASUS laptop that XoticPC customized. There are so many options for upgrades/replacement components when building your own order. They replaced my CD rom with a SSD (as boot drive), which turned out to be a great decision... this thing flies! The only thing about the customization was that the cd-rom drawer looks like it is not closed all the way due to the custom SSD that was installed there (small gap of a few mm). XoticPC contacted me to confirm that this cosmetic flaw would not be an issue for me. Customer service was very good throughout, with email updates at each step of the order/build/ship process. The price was also reasonable, fair for what you get.
    Written by chefreezi on April 15, 2014
  2. What else is there to be said that hasn't been already? These guys care about sending quality products to their customers. I've heard horror stories, but only have had great and easy times with them. Service maybe a bit slow, but their just one company not a huge manufacturer.I purchased a NP8255 for around $1500 with an extra Battery, RAM, and upgraded Wi-fi card. Laptop had to be RMA'ed due to bad RAM and loose GPU, but after that smooth sailings.
    Written by fissionxmailed on April 9, 2014
  3. I very much enjoyed using Xotic PC's website. Compared to Amazon, Newegg,, and other similar sites, the way Xotic shows all available models in grid format with filters based on price was far more helpful and fluid. The other named sites tended to result in hours of clicking between tabs and adjusting filters to try and find specific laptops buried under the massive amounts of stock they offer. Xotic's focus on specifications was much appreciated.Although it was hard to wait for it, the burn-in and stability tests Xotic PC's QA teams performed on my laptop were reassuring and made me rest easy that I wasn't going to get a broken system. I am pleased overall with the laptop. It performs excellently and I've had little trouble with it.
    Written by SeaBreach on March 29, 2014
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  1. Roland is a very god helper. live chat is awesome
    Written by Casper Rindum Nørrelykke on August 28, 2013
  2. While I have not yet received my product yet(obviously the cause of me actually looking for a website to warn others) I feel i am at liberty to review this website bad. While their customer service are very polite, but UNLESS you are ordering a customized laptop (Custom etching, color change, etc.) just order from Sager's website, idk why i didn't think of that. I ordered an item over 10 days ago due to some screen mix up (whole other story). If i don't get a convincing email on shipment in 3 days, i'm going to ask for a refund and go on Sager website where an equivalent laptop is selling.
    Written by Raul Mario O'Neale on April 18, 2014
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