Google Sites

Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group website easy

  • Single-click page creation
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Dozens of pre-built templates
  • Settings for accessing and sharing information
  • And it's free!

Example templates - Google Sites is powerful enough for a company intranet, yet simple enough for a family website. You can start a site from scratch or from a template.

Enable Google Sites company-wide

Get more from Google Sites with Google Apps Premier Edition:

  • 10 GB of Google Sites storage, plus 500 MB for each Premier Edition user account
  • Manage Google Sites sharing settings across your business
  • Easily publish Google Sites within your company

Google Apps Premier Edition also includes:

Gmail: 25 GB email storage per account and powerful spam filtering

Google Calendar: Shareable calendars

Google Docs: Real-time mult-person docs editing

Google Talk: Free voice calls and text messaging

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Read what our users are saying

Aslak Grinsted
climate scientist
"I am a climate scientist and I use Google-Sites to present the research of me and my collaborators. It allows me to maintain a personal presence on the web that i can take with me whereever I go. I particularly appreciate that it is low maintenance, yet has high flexibility through the large variety of Open-Social gadgets available."

Steve Lightstone
President of Corner Office Leads
"Corner Office Leads executes lead generation appointment setting campaigns for software vendors who want to sell high. Google Sites has revolutionized the way we communicate with our clients and with our team members. We currently have 15 Active Google Sites. Each of our clients has a dedicated site containing important project related information. As an example, we use lists to capture information about the meetings we setup. Several people, from the client and from Corner Office, can update information on each meeting in real time. Now Management on both sides can see the project status in real time without literally dozens of emails flying around and without building dashboards weekly. Everyone uses the subscribe feature to see the status change and to see if they are now responsible for a next step.

Our company is growing quickly. We are constantly adding team members who all telecommute. Internally, to manage this growth we now use Google Sites as our core vehicle for communication. We have sites for HR, Training, Sales, Systems and Project Management. Aside from using Google Sites as a single source for all our manuals, training material and other common material, we put "Current Announcements" and "FAQs" pages on each of our internal Google Sites. Each team member is subscribed to these pages and see important announcements in real time. This also becomes a perfect central, single source repository of knowledge for new hires to review."

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