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Google Apps Connection Settings
Enter your Google Apps connection information in this section.
Specify the following:
If you enter a domain that is different from the domain on your LDAP server and select the Replace domain names in LDAP email addresses, Google Apps Directory Sync renames all users and use the Domain name listed here instead.
If checked, all LDAP email addresses are changed to match the domain listed in Domain Name. For instance, if your Domain Name is, and your LDAP query returns an email address, then Directory Sync synchronizes
Authorize using OAuth: Connect to Google Apps during synchronization using an OAuth token that you generate in Google Apps.
Click Authorize Now to create and enter your validation token string.
Authorizing using OAuth
Click Authorize Now to set up your Authorization settings and create a verification code.
Click Sign In to open a browser window and sign in to Google Apps.
Click Validate to confirm that the code is valid.