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Traceroute Test

Use the Traceroute Test to display the network hops that occur between the email data center and your server.

To run the Traceroute Test:

Note: When a firewall blocks a traceroute, this may take a few minutes. The Traceroute Test will update when the test is complete.

To run the Traceroute Test by batch file:

See the checkroute command in the “Commands” chapter of the Batch Reference Guide for details on submitting the following command:

checkroute <email config org name>, mailhost=<server name>

<email config org name>

Name or iid of the email config containing the mailhost

mailhost=<server name>

The name of the mailhost to check

Replace <server name> with the name or IP address of the server (as configured in the email config)

Interpret Traceroute Test Results

Traceroute tests to your email server are only helpful when paired with traceroute tests from your email server to the message security service. Some service providers prevent traceroutes.

Results will look like this:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max,
38 byte packets
1 dumont ( 2.910 ms 0.941 ms 0.984 ms
2 ( 2.990 ms 2.596 ms 2.615 ms traceroute complete

There will be one line for each hop along the network route from the message security service to your email server. Each hop will be tested 3 times, with the times of those test listed. If a * character is listed in place of a time, the test failed. However, this failure may be due to the fact that some hops will not accept traceroutes (rather than a connection issue).

Following is an example showing a traceroute being stopped by a firewall along the route (a normal occurrence):

traceroute to (, 30 hops max,
38 byte packets
 1 skinner-38 ( 0.516 ms 0.505 ms 0.294 ms
 2 br1-exodus1-g1-2 ( 0.589 ms 0.574 ms 0.594 ms
 3 ( 0.594 ms 0.280 ms 0.294 ms
 4 ( 0.593 ms 0.278 ms 0.592 ms
 5 ( 1.793 ms 1.474 ms 1.493 ms
 6 ( 3.593 ms 3.574 ms 3.591 ms
 7 * * *
 8 * * *
 9 * * *
 10 * * *
[hops 11-29 removed for brevity]
 30 * * *
traceroute complete

Since a firewall prevents all packets, it takes time for three packets per hop and up to 30 hops of packets to fail. This can cause a multiple-minute delay in retrieving your Traceroute Test results.

You may also see errors similar to this:

Error - unknown host

This indicates that the server you are attempting to test does not have public DNS entries.

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