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Set Up Dual Delivery


Now that you have added your Exchange users to Google Apps and changed your domain settings in the Google Apps control panel, it’s time to set up Dual Delivery in the Postini Administration Console.

Dual Delivery ensures that a copy of all incoming messages gets delivered to Google Apps in addition to your domain's primary mail server.

Setting Up GMC for a Subset of Your Users

You are billed for Google Message Continuity based on the number of users in the email config organization that is set up with Dual Delivery.

If you want to purchase and configure GMC for a subset of your users, you can do this by creating a separate email config org / user org hierarchy. Add your GMC users to the user org beneath this email config, and then turn on Dual Deliver only for this new email config.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these steps to set up Dual Delivery for your domain:
Go to
Enter your Log in address; for example,
Enter your Password.
Click LOG IN.
Click System Administration.

Note: Click the System Administration link within 5 seconds or you’ll be routed to the Message Center. If necessary, you can click the Back button on your browser, and then click the System Administration link.

Select your Email Config organization from the Choose Org drop-down list.

Click the Inbound Servers tab.

Click Delivery Mgr.


In the Email Servers and Load Balancing section, make sure that Use my own email server is selected. This is your primary mail server.

From the Dual Delivery Server section, select the Enable Dual Delivery check box, and select the Send a copy to Google Apps Gmail radio button.

At the bottom of the page, click Submit to save the changes.

Now that you have set up Dual Delivery in the Postini Administration Console, it’s time to install the Message Continuity Sync Server.

Next Steps: To continue with your setup, see Install and Configure the Continuity Sync Server.
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