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  • Advanced Global Mobile Trends

    08.2011 | Global

    Smartphones are changing the daily lives of users and generating innovative opportunities. Working with Brainjuicer and Contagious, Google looked to its own employees to identify trends among longtime smartphone users around the world. Among our key findings:

    • Mobile is emerging as a critical bridge to information and communication on both a global and local scale, a connection between the digital and physical worlds
    • Rather than replace other digital communication channels like e-mail and chat, mobile channels augment them; users actively manage who can reach them and how
    • Smartphones are emerging as an everyday platform for entertainment, personal finance, and managing personal health and fitness metrics and routines

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  • Global Perspectives: Smartphone Users and the Mobile Marketer

    06.2011 | Global

    Google partners up with the Mobile Marketing Association to understand how different countries differ in mobile usage and where mobile marketers are headed. We found:

    • In Japan, the average consumer has 45 mobile apps installed on their phone, compared to 23 for the U.S. and U.K.
    • 26% of U.S. marketers have quantified the offline impact of mobile sales. Compared to 7-16% of marketers outside of the U.S.

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  • The Mobile Movement

    04.2011 | North America, United States

    An in-depth and comprehensive look at the rise of the smartphone craze. How are adults in the U.S. using these devices for search, purchasing, and media consumption? Among the findings:

    • 81% of smartphone users access the Internet on their mobile devices
    • 59% use the Internet on their phones while waiting
    • 43% would give up beer if they would otherwise have to give up their smartphones

  • Understanding Tablet Device Users

    03.2011 | North America, United States

    What are users doing on their tablets? And what aren't they doing? AdMob conducted a study across tablet users and found:

    • The most popular activities on tablets include gaming (84%), searching for info (78%) and emailing (74%)
    • Least popular include shopping (42%), reading ebooks (46%) and consuming entertainment (51%)

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  • Understanding Today's Mobile Device Shopper

    03.2011 | North America, United States

    The mobile device world is in a state of unprecedented acceleration--so how are consumers navigating this dizzying marketplace? A study by Google and Compete has found:

    • Half of consumers don't know what 4G technology is nor which carriers offer it
    • 69% of buyers take less than a week to arrive at a decision and make a purchase
    • First-time smartphone users are 30% more likely to use search engines in the research process than repeat buyers

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