Google Toolbar


Click “Enable” at the bottom of the window to finish installing Google Toolbar.

Success! You just installed the newest Google Toolbar.

Check out all the great things you can do with Toolbar and then try them for yourself:

Share your web with the people you care about

Access Google+ through your Toolbar.

  • Use the +1 button to share what you find.
  • Know what's going on in your circles with Google+ notifications.
  • To use Google+ in Toolbar just enable Enhanced Features in the Toolbar Options menu and sign-in to your Google+ account.
  • If you don’t have an account, join Google+ now.

Search with Google Instant

Get search results as you type with Google Instant.

  • Experience the speed and convenience of Instant results.
  • See how search results appear and change as you type in the Toolbar search box.
  • If you want to get back to the page you were on, press Esc or just use your browser’s back button.
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Find things faster

Save time by finding your search terms on a web page with three helpful tools:

  • Quick Scroll: skip right to the content that matches your search.
  • Highlight: highlights the words in the page that match your search.
  • Word Find: words entered in the Toolbar search box each get their own Word Find button. Click a button to see where the word appears on the page.

Translate languages

Toolbar will automatically translate web pages written in foreign languages.

  • Visit a site written in a foreign language and Toolbar will offer to translate it for you.
  • See the translation of a single word on a page just by hovering over it.
  • Always translate pages in certain languages in Toolbar Options.
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