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Requests by the numbers

We receive lists of URLs from BPjM (BPjM-Modul), a federal government youth protection agency in Germany, for sites that contain content that violates German youth protection law, like content touting Nazi memorabilia, extreme violence or adult content, and we may remove those search results from

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Removal requests from July to December 2013

Examples of requests that we encounter

Total removal requests received: 164

Total items requested for removal: 858

Compliance rates in July to December 2013


Google’s compliance rate for requests which include a court order: 51%

Note that frequently court orders included with requests do not compel Google to take any action. Rather, they often result from a dispute with a third party and are submitted by the requesting user as evidence to support their claim that we should remove the content.

Google’s compliance rate for requests from government agencies or law enforcement: 69%

Reasons for removals in July to December 2013

Reason % Total Removals
Defamation 55% 90
Hate Speech 13% 21
Privacy and Security 12% 19
Trademark 6% 10
Other 4% 7
Adult Content 4% 6
Violence 3% 5
Bullying/Harassment 1% 2
Suicide Promotion 1% 1
Copyright 1% 1
Obscenity/Nudity 1% 1
Drug Abuse 1% 1

Breakdown of all of the requests we received during the reporting period.