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Request: We received an order from a US court to remove copies and prevent future uploads of the controversial "Innocence of Muslims" film from Google servers based upon a claim of copyright infringement from an actress in the film.

Outcome: We removed more than 1,000 copies of this film from YouTube and 6 copies from Blogger in compliance with this order. We petitioned for a rehearing en banc in the Ninth Circuit. The en banc panel ruled in our favor, dissolving the prior order, and finding no basis for a claim of copyright infringement.

Request: We received a request from the United States Social Security Administration to remove an advertisement based on Section 1140 of the Social Security Act.

Outcome: We removed the ad in compliance with local law.

Request: We received a court order requesting removal of dozens of pages written by a blogger about a local state scandal involving state politicians.

Outcome: We did not remove the content.

Request: We received an order to block several blog posts and search query results in relation to a cyberstalking case.

Outcome: We discovered the court order was fraudulent. We reinstated the posts and search results.

Removal requests from January to June 2014

Examples of requests that we encounter

Total removal requests received: 525

Total items requested for removal: 5799

Compliance rates in January to June 2014


Google’s compliance rate for requests which include a court order: 53%

Note that frequently court orders included with requests do not compel Google to take any action. Rather, they often result from a dispute with a third party and are submitted by the requesting user as evidence to support their claim that we should remove the content.

Google’s compliance rate for requests from government agencies or law enforcement: 33%

Reasons for removals in January to June 2014

Reason % Total Removal Requests
Defamation 69% 362
Privacy and Security 10% 54
Other 6% 30
Bullying/Harassment 5% 28
Trademark 5% 24
Copyright 2% 13
Impersonation 1% 5
Reason Unspecified 1% 4
Government Criticism 1% 3
Obscenity/Nudity 0% 2

Breakdown of all of the requests we received during the reporting period.