Google TV, an operating system for TVs

Google TV opens the living room to the web, making all television content more relevant and engaging. Bringing the internet and applications together with the traditional TV experience viewers know and love, Google TV also provides viewers a way to search to find what they want to watch. Live TV options rise to the top of search results due to Google TV’s integration with existing cable, satellite, terrestrial, and IPTV subscriptions. Google TV’s functionality is enhanced by the presence of these subscriptions.

In short, Google TV is an operating system optimized for TV devices that seamlessly integrates live TV, web, and apps.

Background: TVs are getting better

Consumer behavior is gradually shifting, as viewers demand more content as well as better ways to discover and access video content. However, the pace of innovation in the TV space has not kept up with the improvements in desktop and mobile computing... until now. With maturing hardware and broadband penetration, TVs are getting better and smarter than ever before by being connected to the internet.

More content opportunities

The growth of connected TVs means you now have the opportunity to do more with your content. You can leverage applications to build experiences. You can leverage the internet to interact and create greater engagement. You can leverage multi-screen experiences with mobile phones and tablets to increase brand loyalty. And you can monetize these activities.

Google TV, a simple and compelling solution

With Google TV, you can standardize on one platform. No longer do you have to manage 10 applications for 10 platforms. Google TV is built on the popular Android platform, which enables compatibility across multiple manufacturer devices and screen types (mobile, tablet, TV), and runs the Chrome browser.


Google TV partners with leading consumer electronic manufacturers to produce the hardware for the platform. Currently, the following devices are available:

There are two ways to get Google TV:

A standalone TV

sony® internet tv »

A separate box that
works with HDTVs

sony® internet tv blu-ray»

Regions and languages

Currently, devices with Google TV are available in the US in English only. Manufacturers will be introducing Google TV products to international markets in 2012. Stay tuned!

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