Can viewers download Google TV?

No, Google TV is only available pre-installed on devices.

Is there a monthly service fee for Google TV?

No, Google TV is not a service - it is a platform. It brings the internet to your TV - similar to the way the browser in your computer or phone allows you to access the internet. There is no monthly fee associated with Google TV.

Some providers such as DISH Network provide advanced integration for a small monthly service fee. This is not a requirement to use Google TV.

If viewers get Google TV, can they get rid of cable?

Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to pay TV services to enjoy the full capabilities of Google TV. Google TV brings search capabilities, applications and the internet to the TV. It is intended to enhance the current TV watching experience, not subtract from it. Google TV works with existing TV services to help viewers find what they want to watch through search and to bring them access to the full internet to find great content.

What sites work best through Google TV?

Most sites that work in Google Chrome should render correctly with Google TV. However, we encourage web application developers to further optimize their sites for the TV screen to create even more compelling experiences for users.

Do Flash websites work with Google TV?

Yes, the chrome browser on Google TV supports Flash 10.1.

Do you support HTML5 video?

Yes, Google TV supports HTML5 videos.

If Google TV is running the Chrome browser, is it capable of running Native Client apps?

We do not have native client app support at this time.

What version of Android is Google TV using?

Google TV currently runs on Honeycomb (Android 3.1). However, it can be upgraded over-the-air (OTA) in the future.

I have a Honeycomb tablet app. How difficult will it be for me to create a Google TV Android App?

Any Android application that works with Honeycomb (Android 3.1) should work with Google TV, provided that it complies with the supported features of Google TV.

Does Google TV support NDK?

No. Currently, Google TV does not support NDK. The Android NDK will be available for Google TV at a future date, in the meantime you can build an Android app with the Android SDK with Google TV-specific APIs.

How can I uniquely identify a device?

To learn more about uniquely identifying a user or device, please read the section "Identifying a user or device" in the topic Designing and Developing.

Will my existing Android apps work on Google TV?

Yes, your applications will work on Google TV unless they require a hardware or software feature not supported by Google TV. However, we hope developers will optimize their applications for TV to tap into the opportunities provided by a big screen and TV content.