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Google Wallet & Android Pay

What is the difference between Android Pay and Google Wallet?
How do I get Android Pay?
How do I get the new Google Wallet?
What happens to my Google Wallet Card?
What happens to my Google Wallet Balance when my app updates to Android Pay?
Can I use my Wallet Balance with Android Pay?
What happens if I don't update to the new Google Wallet for my iPhone?
What will happen to my gift cards, loyalty programs, and offers?
Where can I find the details of my past Google Wallet transactions?


What is the new Google Wallet?
On what phones is the Google Wallet app available?
Can I use Google Wallet or my Wallet Card outside of the US?
What are the different ways I can send and request money with Google Wallet?

Google Wallet Card

What is the Google Wallet Card?
How can I order a Google Wallet Card?
How do I make purchases with the Google Wallet Card?
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What if my phone or card is lost or stolen?
What is Google Wallet Fraud Protection?
How does Google Wallet protect my payment credentials?
Am I liable for unauthorized transactions made using Google Wallet?
What data does Google Wallet store about my purchases?