Everything you need to organize, socialize and pull off your perfect day.

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Google Hangouts Announce the news

Gather your family and friends to celebrate the news with free group video calls on Google Hangouts. You can connect up to 10 people across computers, Android and Apple devices, so no one will miss out, not even Uncle Dave in Reno.

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Google Maps Locate a venue

Find the best place to host your wedding's main event or after party with the simplicity of Google Maps. Type “wedding venue” into the search bar and get a variety of local options as well as accurate directions right to their door.

Download the Google Maps app

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Google Drive Fill in the blanks

Create and collaborate with tools like Google Docs and Sheets. Just add email addresses to invite others to your doc and instantly start your guest list, budget, schedule and other wedding day necessities. Try our Wedding Planner template below or create your own.

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Google Plus Save the date

Let everyone know who, what, when and where by creating a Google+ Event page for your wedding. Use a beautiful animated theme or create a custom template using your own photos.

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Google Site Builder Make a website

Tell guests how you two met, then tell them where they will meet you with your own Google Site. It's a simple way to combine things like wedding day information, RSVP and guest registry in one place.

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Google Photos Savor the memories

Once your big day has come and gone, relive the moments by posting photos to Google+. Share them with your family and friends and see them come to life with animations, panoramas and collages. Just turn on Auto Backup and Google+ will take care of the rest.

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