Michelle Lord Rago is founder and President of Michelle Rago Destinations, an industry leader in the design and planning of truly personalized weddings. Michelle brings an accessible style to the wedding process. Her sense of relaxed chic and of building on what is unique to every bride make Michelle a perfect advisor and spokesperson.

Michelle’s book, "Signature Weddings: Creating a Day Uniquely Your Own" is the seminal guide for couples planning their perfect wedding. She has appeared in every bridal magazine and relishes passing on her experience to brides and grooms eager to create their own unique experience. She is a leading expert in destination weddings, and speaks at industry conferences across the globe, most recently on a tour of Japan and Caribbean island resorts.

Michelle has produced island weddings from rugged Nantucket to sun-kissed Cayman; in exotic locales from New Delhi to the Aztec ruins of Mexico. Her company operates in many languages and many cultures. It is Michelle’s passion for travel, and her keen curiosity about traditional aesthetics that make her weddings unique and special. Her creativity knows no bounds – for every location she discovers comes a new idea or inspiration. Michelle Rago’s passion and ebullience translates directly to every experience she creates, and will help guide Google brides to create their own unique day.

Michelle Rago Destinations, Inc.
485 Seventh Avenue
Ste 1680
New York City, NY 10018

T 646.381.9098

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